I am giving away everything for free

I posted this on Twitter: “I am giving away everything. My training company might be finished. ALL of my teachings about property will be publicly available to all. Step-by-step, every strategy, full detail A-Z. I’m producing a movie. Unlike anything. Thousands will watch and become financially free.” I’ve been getting so many messages telling me not to do it, but it is happening. For the first time I am going to reveal how to become financially free, step-by-step, for a zero cost to you. This is going to be a total game changer and so many people are going to change their lives because of it.

A financial freedom challenge like no other

So how am I going to do this? How am I going to give away the step-by-step information needed to become financially free? I have made a financial freedom documentary for my YouTube channel. This will be a financial freedom challenge like no other. In the past you got a general overview of what I did on my previous financial freedom challenges, but this time I am going into massive detail. You will see everything and you will be able to copy exactly what I do. You will learn everything you need to learn to go away and create financial freedom in your own life.

A lot of people ask me to come and stay at their homes and show them how to reach financial independence, and I have done so a number of times. This documentary will be your chance to gain the exact same knowledge just by watching a totally free video.

What’s happening to my training company?

Don’t worry, I’m not cancelling any upcoming events. But some people have said this could be the end of my training business. I am giving so much away in the documentary that many people will be able to take action on their own and make life changing money. Will this actually mean that my training business comes to an end? We will have to see. But this is going to change everything for everyone, forever. What will happen in the long run is anyone’s guess.

Does this mean that people won’t want individual support and mentoring? Probably not. Does this mean that some people will choose to go out and take action on their own? Definitely. There will be so many people that become success students just from watching this free documentary, it will be truly amazing to see.

Watch the Samuel Leeds documentary for free

This documentary is going to be available to everyone. You are not going to have to go anywhere to see it. You don’t have to book on a training day and stay in a hotel overnight. This isn’t going to be behind a paywall or part of a membership deal. You can watch this documentary totally free at home. In fact, I am going to be putting it up on my YouTube channel.

So when is it coming out? I am premiering the video on YouTube on Wednesday (24th Nov 2021) at 7pm. It will be about 90 minutes long. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss it. Nothing will be the same again.

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