I do this religiously …

Samuel Leeds

I do this religiously ..

Hey! How are you all? So, it’s Wednesday and I am on call with my students to know about their weekly achievement. Also we have winners every week. Let’s begin to see who is the winner of this week. 

Gemma The Winner

I have announced Gemma as this Wednesday winner and she was on call with me to share her story. She had been through so many things and after COVID, she lost her job then she moved towards property dealing. She sold five deals and made 25000 pounds. With that, she also got successful in her rent to rent accommodation deal. She recently sold one property. It’s all her hard work that gives out amazing results. I appreciated her struggle. She is an inspiring personality.

The Next Caller

Ben joined the conference call and congratulated Gemma on winning Wednesday. He then shared that last week was quite challenging for him. He was about to sell two deals and in the auction there was a land which cost 200 grand but suddenly the price raised to 260 grand out of nowhere and it sold out. So, things are not falling in his favour but he is very hopeful and he pointed out my saying that good times will come and struggle takes time. What I like about him is that he is not giving up but waiting for the good time. 

Graziella shared that she had a conversation with some landlords who are interested to sell their properties and she will be going to see them tomorrow. She also got a friend who wants to source his property for some football players and he asked her help in this. She said keep working and talk to people to get them engaged in property dealing. 

The next David came in happily as he sold the deal for three thousand pounds just a minute ago. I congratulate him. He met an investor who is giving him forty thousand pounds, that’s great! He had a great day as he also got off-market property dealing which he will be visiting tomorrow. He gave back to back good news. 

I have then moved to Joe Nicole to ask him what he is doing at the moment. He said he is doing rent to rent in Bradford and everything going superb. Sandra joined in and shared that she is also doing rent to rent in East London. She is getting two thousand eight hundred per month which is pretty good. 

Mushtaq was also there so I asked him about the deal which he recently did. He said it is going better than his expectation and has got another rent to rent in Edgeway. He is going great. 

Wind Up!

Well this is all for Wednesday night. It was nice talking with them and hearing such great news as they are going superb in their deals. Keep watching my videos and do subscribe to my YouTube channel

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