I made a quick video on YouTube about why I teach despite being wealthy. Even though I live in a beautiful house and I've got a beautiful family, my satisfaction comes from helping other people win and changing their lives! People think when they become financially free they are just going to sit back and do nothing. But once you have made it, you realise there is a lot of satisfaction in helping others to do the same.

The exciting thing about being financially free is that you can do amazing things that are just not possible for most people within the system. In this article, I am going to talk about 3 things you can do with your time once you reach financial freedom.

1. Teach others

Once you are financially free you will be ahead of a lot of other people that are on the same journey as you. No one makes it alone; we all have had help, inspiration and ideas from other people. Now is the time to start paying it forward. You will want to reach out to people in the community when they have questions and help them as much as you can. After all many people certainly will have helped you in similar ways. You will begin helping your friends and family, not just with money, but with the means to make money. You will begin transforming lives.

After many years in the industry, and once you are not just financially free but a multimillionaire, you may want to create your own training courses. But in the meantime you can be a mentor to others either informally or within an existing training organisation. Helping others do what you have done is an amazing feeling and one of the best parts of being financially free.

2. Raise funds for good causes

Once you have enough in passive income, to fund your living costs you can really help the causes you care about. Whether that be poverty prevention, environmentalism, animal protection or something else entirely, you now have the power to help. You can, of course, donate your time but you now also have the skills necessary to raise money. You will also have the time to dig deep into the charities you support to ensure funds are being used in the most effective way possible. This puts you in a powerful position to do good in the world.

Once you are wealthy, you may want to start your own charity so that funds can be allocated according to your vision. I started the Samuel Leeds Foundation to help prevent poverty both in the United Kingdom and in Africa. I have been out to help in Africa a number of times and my wealth gives me the freedom to do so.

3. Build generational wealth

Now that you are financially free, you can focus on building wealth that will be passed down in your family for generations. Building generational wealth ensures that your family will never have to struggle financially, and will always be secure in the knowledge that they own assets that can protect them from hard times.

If you don’t have anyone to pass your assets down to, you can use this wealth to fund your favourite causes instead. Wealth properly allocated into income producing assets like property can produce cash-flow indefinitely. The project of building this kind of wealth is an important one and something worth doing when you are financially free!

Are you ready to take your firsts steps towards financial freedom? Why not join me at the next crash course? You can book a free ticket here. I hope to meet you very soon!

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