Important message!

Samuel Leeds

Important message!

I’m desperate to get a message across and if you get this, it will change everything for you.

The biggest key to success and the thing that 99% of people haven't got and won't do is implementation.

What I mean by implementation is, taking massive action as I remember running the training program a few years ago with only two people sat next to each other and one of them went on to become one of the most successful property entrepreneurs in the UK who goes by the name Alistair Cunningham while the other person, Alice, failed miserably in property and actually went on to blame me saying that the cause was not very good.

At the time, it really hurt me as I was like, why does she leave me the negative reviews when they both were in the same class while the other succeeded?

She was on the same course as Alistair who went on to build an incredible portfolio in property. The difference between Alice and Alistair is that Alistair took action while she didn’t.

I previously did an article titled ‘The seven ways to get the low market value property deals’ and how to find bargain properties as I talked about how to get deals from estate agents and how to find leads in the process.

However, I know that out of the people that read that article on this blog, only a few will go ahead and actually implement and do what I wrote in that article.

There's a saying that says, if you don't use it, you’ll lose it and what that means is that, if you've been given some knowledge or if you've been given an opportunity and you don't use that opportunity or use the knowledge that you've just received, you're going to lose it as it's going to disappear and so every time you learn something new implement it.

The biggest advice I can give, and this is what I did when I was 17 years old, when I started in property, every time I learned something new about business and negotiations, I would immediately apply it and the reason I write this articles is because I genuinely get a kick out of seeing people win.

There are all kinds of skeptical people out there thinking I’m just doing this maybe to try and get extra money or to try and sell courses and I mean, I’ve not been able to run courses for the most part of 2020 but I’m still doing a YouTube video and article every single day and hardly run ads on this blog or my YouTube channel.

I could be running ads and getting sponsors but I don't do that and I’m not saying that I will never do that because I’m a businessman and don't get me wrong, I like to make money but the reason I run this blog and the reason I teach people is because I want to see you win and when I started out in property as a teenager, I remember thinking, why is it so hard for people to explain where they find their deals and how the negotiate?

Everyone would be answering in riddles and keeping their cards super close to their chest and it was quite difficult in the early stages.

I just thought, if I ever became successful, I’m just going to be so transparent about how to do it as I’m going to share my knowledge freely.

I’ve run training programs for free and we've got a property investors crash course that I’m running this month and it's almost free only costing one pound running for two days and I’m just 

There are going to be hundreds of people there as I’ll show them what works in the real world and someone will give me an area such as Middleborough or whatever and then I’ll jump online and show them on the spot how to find their deals.

I’ve also realized that when you force people to implement, they don't like it and are a bit uncomfortable because the true way someone learns something is by doing it yourself as they follow your lead and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing at the crash course.

If you're not booked on the crash course tickets are almost sold out and it’s better to hurry because we’ve booked a really big hotel in London as we usually get about one to two thousand people in the room but because of social distancing and the pandemic, we have to spread the chairs out but still got a capacity of 500 people and have sold over 500 tickets already.

We've got two crash courses but they're both over half sold out and so get registered and implement the knowledge acquired through the course.


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