Is serviced accommodation saturated?

Is serviced accommodation saturated?

If you're asking, ‘Is serviced accommodation saturated?' it's probably because you are noticing lots of people doing it. Perhaps you've been to our events and met many people who are giving SA a go. Well, the answer to that question depends on the area you are focusing on. In this video, Samuel visits a place where the hotels are all fully-booked on a Wednesday. There must be huge demand in that area for SA because the hotels are all sold out on a midweek winter evening. It would be an ideal location to have your own SA and put it on You've got to get out there and see for yourself.

A day in the life

In this video, you'll get to see a day in the life of a property investor. In this episode of TV Tuesday, Samuel teams up with Ben Machekanyanga and footballer Kevin Stewart. They are viewing properties and land. Samuel gets questions about land development all the time, and he receives opportunities everyday. He forwards them to Ben to crunch the numbers, and uncover the good ones.

Many of our subscribers are great at number crunching and researching. However, they aren't good at viewing. Property investment is a practical business and a numbers game, which means you need to do as many viewings as possible. The person who is most enthusiastic and proactive is usually the winner. You might think you've found a good deal, but there will be other investors out there ready to capitalise on your hesitation. You can see a real example of this in this video. Samuel was looking to take over a block of offices and convert it into apartments.

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