Hey guys. My name is Samuel Leeds. I am bringing a challenge for all of you to join. It’s not difficult but definitely will be beneficial for you in terms of earning or getting a profit. So let’s see what the challenge is. 

Challenge by Samuel

I have made a video where I said that for a while stop watching Youtube videos and make it work practically. Start viewing properties and then make a deal, it can be a small deal as well but at least do something. The response was outstanding and people started taking interest by asking about properties and help in deals. Basically, here I am talking about service accommodation deals. Simply rent a property from a landlord or a developer then stick that property to AirBnB or and start making profit. 

I went to a hotel as a guest and the hotel is not owned by my student but he manages it. He went to the developer to ask him about the 12 apartments that can I rent? and he got a positive answer from him. After negotiating the price, he rented out and stuck it on AirBnB and I was his guest yesterday. The effort is the same whether it is a small deal or a big one. So, what are you waiting for? Just make your deal happen before June 21st when lockdown officially ends. It will teach you a lot of things when you do and you will then understand when the cash flow begins. Start with small deals and when you succeed, expand your scale. 

Service Accommodation Program

People have so many questions regarding this deal which I am talking about above. So, to make it easy for people who really want to make this deal happen, I started a service accommodation program where I have been teaching each and everything. How you can make deals, how you can maintain the hotel and its stuff. Whatever it is related to this course, I will educate you. It is a six weeks program and you know what after six weeks, the lockdown will end. So, by taking this course, I will prepare you to get one deal at least before the lockdown ends. 

The Process


To be a part of this competition, you have to go on my Instagram page where you will see a post which has my photograph standing outside this hotel. Like my post, tag three of your friends that don’t already follow me, share the post and get a chance to win a giveaway. Also share it in your story. This will show me how much you are committed and if you don’t feel like doing this or it is making you lazy to do then you can’t even get a deal.I will be choosing one person randomly to whom I will directly contact. The winner will get full access to service accommodation intensive.


Wind Up!

Alright. I hope you understand the whole procedure, it’s quite easy and simple. So, go on my instagram now and get done all the steps. Even if you don’t win then start taking some action by yourself. Try to get some deals on your own and avail my course. See you in the next video. Till then subscribe to my Youtube channel. Bye!


To enter this competition simply follow me on Instagram:
1. Like my most recent post
2. Tag three friends that don’t already follow me
3. Share the post on your story I’ll be choosing one person at random over the next few days 💪🏼

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