Lease Option Agreement GOLDEN NUGGETS | Thoughtful Thursday #9

This week’s episode of thoughtful Thursday features Dave Mason a former teacher turned property investor. For the last few months has been working for Samuel Leeds as a sales executive. 

Recently Dave appeared on a very special episode of TV Tuesday. Documenting his journey from a novice to an aspiring property investor.

Dave with a very limited background was able to secure himself a Lease option agreement on a property in Middlesbrough. At the end of the lease, he will have the option to complete on a purchase for £66,000 after securing it using ZERO of his own money.

Currently, Dave’s first property is doing really well he has been able to place a working tenant in the house. They are paying £450 in rent with £200 going to the current owner of the property, 10% to the property management company and the rest going to Dave which equates around £200 gross.

Throughout the first year owning the property, Dave has put in £1,700 towards a refurbishment. This is something that he expected as the upgrade to the property was designed to raise the chances of locking in a tenant which he has been able to do.

The feedback Dave received from his TV Tuesday appearance has been amazing. So in today’s episode, Samuel and Dave review the impact of his first venture into property. The response from people with plenty of questions some good and some bad.

The impact has allowed Dave to expand his outreach among other investors. They are reaching out wanting to joint venture with him and offering him other property deals.

The future appears bright for Dave he has a few deals of his own that he is working towards. He is honest about his background coming from teaching with zero property knowledge. He admits that he learnt a lot from just being learning a fly on the wall at the property investor’s crash courses.

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