Make £3,000 from 1 minute of Information

I recently made a short video explaining how to make money deal sourcing. People often overcomplicate things in their own minds, so sometimes it is helpful to simplify things to their most basic. I’ve broken a simple way to source and sell a deal into 10 easy steps. Of course, there are additional things to consider, such as compliance, but this is the core of what you need to do.

Here Are The Exact Steps:

1. Go on Gumtree and type in property for sale and type in an area.

2. Click ‘private’ so you're dealing with the seller direct.

3. Don't be a pussy and just start calling the sellers direct.

4. Make a post on Facebook telling investors that you've got some really good deals coming up soon.

5. Set your post as an ad on Facebook and start getting loads of eyeballs on your post.

6. Negotiate a really good price on a property and send an email to all your investors with the detailed figures. Make sure you have a clear call to action at the end with a £3,000 finder's fee.

7. When investors say they're interested, make them sign a confidentiality agreement and then give them all the details on the property.

8. Give them a few days to make up their mind. When you have an investor that wants it, make them sign terms and conditions.

9. Then once they've signed on, send them an invoice for £3,000.

10. Get paid the money, then tell the investor to instruct their solicitor to contact the seller! Anybody can be financially free!

Training As A Deal Sourcer

You can certainly take these steps and go and make some money on your own. If you are not set up as a fully compliant deal sourcer just yet, you may need to modify the steps a little. You could co-deal source, for example. This would mean that you would find the deal, and then pass it on to a deal sourcer to sell to their clients and split the fee. You could also go out on your own, get yourself registered with the right bodies and become a deal sourcer. But if you really want to have the most success possible, you need to get trained.

Training allows you to avoid all the mistakes that everyone makes when they are starting out. Training allows you to ask the ‘stupid questions’ among friends rather than being tongue-tied in front of a potential investor. Training allows you to pay for knowledge rather than pay for your business failures.

Of course, it can be hard to know exactly what the right training option is for you. You need to get a bit of a taster before you will know if a trainer or a strategy meets your individual needs. Luckily, I am running a free deal selling webinar soon where you can learn some more skills and explore your options for future training. You can sign up for the webinar here. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try, but if it does work for you, you have your financial freedom to gain! If you are an action taker, see you there!

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