‘Miserable’ bloke took £500 and became ‘millionaire in spare time’ after Covid boredom…

Samuel Leeds

‘Miserable' bloke took £500 and became ‘millionaire in spare time' after Covid boredom…..

A ‘miserable' bloke stuck in a coronavirus lockdown put £500 into an investment on his house and became a millionaire in his spare time alongside his full-time job at a bank.

Samuel Leeds

The bank worker came across a series of property investing videos on YouTube, posted by multimillionaire entrepreneur Samuel Leeds.

Aydin from Liverpool, said: “At the start of the first lockdown I had about £500 in my bank account, it was raining outside and miserable and I wasn't able to meet up with anyone.”

He continued: “I thought: ‘Who is this guy talking about property investing?' I didn't know too much about it. I just thought it was something rich folk did, and you need loads of capital to get started.

But I just had something in me that wanted more.”

Aydin started the route down a path that would make him a multimillionaire, saying he was particularly struck by the videos on refinancing a property to obtain investment funds.

Everyone Aydin mentioned the idea to warned him against it, including his dad.

Aydin said: “People kept asking why I would want to get more in debt. I love my dad. He's been really supportive but he was one of the ones who was saying find a good bank, get a mortgage and stick with them.”

Although he was advised not to, Aydin decided he had nothing to lose and found a mortgage broker who confirmed he could raise a certain amount of money from the property he was living in.

He discovered he could release 75% of the worth and took out £25,000, which he used to secure an investment house.

Aydin said: “I got a really nice kitchen for around £2,000 and a bathroom for £2,000. I also got the electrics set up and did a lot of painting myself.”

“In a matter of months, I'd gone from having £500 and being miserable on my own in lockdown to having £40,000 in my bank account. So, I just carried on.”

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