My friend bought a MOTORHOME!

Samuel Leeds

My friend bought a MOTORHOME!.

Hello people. This is me Samuel Leeds, your property guide. Today, I visited my friend Mihammad who bought a motorhome. It sounds amazing to me so I decided to visit and see his motorhome.  You will see my friend Mohammad on winners Wednesday soon. Mohammad is one of the successful people. Ricky, Scott were also present there and they are also quite successful. I was surrounded by so many victorious people. We then moved to see Mohammad’s motorhome because I was really excited to view it. Let’s see how it looks from the inside. 

MotorHome View

So, we went inside the walking home. It was all white and pretty looking. I asked Mohammad if you can sleep while you are driving to which he said technically no, but if you own it you can do whatever you want. He owns that motorhome and he gives it for rent on 1000 pounds a week. This is cool. There is a sofa which can be turned into a bed as the sofa has wooden sliding under it which can be used as a bed after putting cushions on it. I was really impressed to see everything inside this little home on wheels. It has a mini kitchen, oven, fridge, air conditioner and wardrobe as well. The toilet and shower are very well-maintained. 

I asked my friend whether he would buy it for himself or to rent it out. He said he bought it to rent out. So, I made a deal with him that I will also hire it soon. He paid 60,000 pounds for this motorhome. He said he will swap it every year so it won’t depreciate. After listening to this, a question arose in my mind: should I hire it or buy it? I think I can buy it also. Well let’s see what happens. But I loved this home. 

Wrap Up!

It was a good tour to this motorhome. You will see this man Mohammad on winners Wednesday. He owns houses, packages and sells houses. He said his wisdom of words for the audience that get out and just do it. Make your own way and let things happen. Hope you enjoyed this video. Keep watching and for more updates do hit the bell icon of my Youtube channel. Take care, bye!



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