My Lease Option is Coming to an End, What Should I do?!

Samuel Leeds

My Lease Option is Coming to an End, What Should I do?!


Hi I am Samuel Leeds, your property guide. Today, I will share the story of my student who came to the end of lease option agreement and wants my advice on what she should do now. The property value has multiplied that’s why she needs to practice her alternatives to purchase the property. So, let’s see what I advised her. 

The Solution to Lease Option Agreement 


I called her and told her that I got her message regarding the lease option which she had eight years ago. The value of the property was 165 grand which she had an option to buy but now the value has increased and reached to 310 grand which is amazing. I told her that mortgage brokers might raise their eyebrows and cause issues saying that how it can be so cheap you put it on. She agreed but she said they should not do it because that was the value eight years ago and she was right. I told her that she did great by securing her lease option agreement. She told me that the property was bought as a deal for two grands and she also rented it out for 30 grands.  


I asked about her house roof to which she said it is an HMO roof and it is on a brick-and-mortar value in the area based on sold prices. The property is full with the tenants currently. I asked her when she will buy the property, she said she is in contact with the person, named Steve, to release the money that she got from 12 beds. She was a bit confused about finding the best way to buy. She is paying 700 pounds a month and also wants to save money on the lease. She wants to move accordingly. 


I asked the solicitor if he represented the seller or not when signing a lease agreement option? She said yes properly. That was great!  


The Advice 

I suggested to her that if I was in her situation, I would go to buy that house as soon as I can because its value is more than doubled. I told her that I also went through the same situation where the seller denied selling the property to me but I didn’t let him win. Instead I managed to buy the property after they had done it.  


The Problems She Could Face 

When you buy the property now then there might be so many questions raised by the lender that how it is so cheap you are buying and what the lease agreement option is linked to? With yourself or any company? And who is handling all this and managing the contract? As I have been through this so many times so I alert her about everything. Lenders create issues and also don’t like when the value of the property is below the market.  


You can spend less pounds to refurbish it as I did it but she said that she did it last year. She bought it for 165 grand and around 100 grands were spent on refurbishing. If she wants to refinance the money, it’s not like it will be the same for six months but it depends on the lender as some allow refinancing while some do not.  


I would say I would not leave the property for long because it changes things and look to refurb. The best way to buy it with cash whether through bridging or refinance on another property. I encourage her on the most proficient method to approach doing it as it will not be straight forward attempting to get a home loan for the property.  


Wind Up! 

Well, that’s for today’s video. I advised and encouraged my student and she seemed in a strong position which is very good. You can also approach me and take my advice through learning from my videos and courses on my YouTube channel. So hit the bell icon. Take care! 

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