No money down deal in London?

Can you do a no money down deal in London?

At our crash courses and in our academy, you learn all about how to invest in property and make money without using your own funds. We try to educate people about this with our YouTube videos and social media content too. There are several strategies which you can use. However, on the whole, the majority of the success stories tend to be set outside of the capital. Is it possible to do a no money down deal in London? Samuel has an excellent track record of these deals and completed timed challenges in Sheffield, Blackpool and even the USA! Could he find a no money down deal in London?

What you're about to watch is the trailer for the challenge. This might be Samuel's toughest task ever. He set himself 12 hours to make the impossible happen. To make things harder, his search had to be within central London – not the outskirts! Check out this trailer and then put a reminder in your calendar to watch the full documentary on Boxing Day at 7PM.

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