Property Entrepreneur Lawton Hopwood Brings New Game In The Real-Estate Business

Samuel Leeds

Property Entrepreneur Lawton Hopwood Brings New Game In The Real-Estate Business

Samuel Leeds

Know The Man Who Started in Property with Zero Money And Went On To Make £20,000 A Month.

Lawton’s Beginning In Entrepreneurship

Lawton Hopwood, property expert and investor based out of Manchester UK, went viral with his mentor and now good friend ‘Samuel Leeds’ on one of his youtube videos. This journey of property business started with absolute zero investments and Lawton went on to make over £20,000 a month. He began his days of career as Plumbing & Heating engineer and was promoted to Project manager with a new company where he worked for 4 years. Though this gave him an average and comfortable life, it was not something Lawton wanted in life. Lawton shares, ‘I didn’t grow up poor but my mum was a single mother bringing up 2 kids. I saw the struggle for all those years. I think this was one of the incidents in life that impacted me the most and sent me in the road of entrepreneurship.’

Unfortunately, in June 2020, Lawton lost his job suddenly due to the global pandemic. The young man realised that this was a potential opportunity to follow his dreams and take charge of his own life doing something that really inspired him. It was Samuel Leeds 365 program which gave him the kick start. After enrolling on the course and learning the art of deal sourcing Lawton took the opportunity to start a new career path. It was then Hopwood Homes Group was born.

Hopwood Homes

Hopwood Homes is a company bringing together great investment properties and busy professionals. Founded in 2020, Hopwood Homes has served the CA area’s growing need for new property and real estate projects through impressive integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards. This group is an umbrella company which oversees their Deal Sourcing company where they source high returning investment properties for their investors. The construction company is where they refurbish those projects and their development side where they build luxury forever homes within Gated communities. Hopwood Homes’ team of sourcers who are extremely active in searching for properties meet the strict criteria before they consider passing them to investors.

This venture believes in developing dreams together. They have a longstanding ambition to be the best Property Development Firm in the industry. With a team of highly experienced individuals and facilities that they provide along with their cost and time – Lawton’s team is able to come up with exceptional developments of superior value while adhering to each project’s budget. At Hopwood Homes, they are not just building properties—they are elevating industry standards. Their professional team works closely with both investors and landowners in order to come up with results that exceed expectations.

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