Property Investors Podcast #12

In this news this week Alasdair breaks down the steps and tips to dealing with troubled tenants.

When first letting your property out make sure the tenants know what their legal entitlements are. This should be done early to set the precedent making sure everyone knows where they stand.

Everything should be documented for future reference. Any problems can easily be resolved when the documents can be produced at times of need.

Alasdair further explains that producing gas and electric certificates, right to rents guides that are easily accessible. Tenants should be aware of who keeps hold of their deposit. This can be done through a third party such as my deposit.

Russell and Alasdair both agree that to save time and make things less complicated, its better to hire a letting agency to handle all of the paperwork to help minimize any complications.

Russell is able to attest to the problems tenants can pose. During his time working at quick move letting agents he encountered horror stories in abundance.  No rent paid in 8 months having to issue sections it wasn’t pretty.

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