Property Investors Podcast Episode #5

Join myself Russell Leeds, CEO and property investor with Samuel Leeds and Alasdair Cunningham, a landlord, investor and director of Better Source Limited. We will be giving you the secret sauce of how to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and discuss how to secure lease option agreements, as well as empty homes and national scandal!  We also talk about a special guest Rahim Bah, who moved to England from Africa by himself aged 15 and is now financially free with a passive income of £7,000, to talk about what strategies he used to achieve this.


One of the most important, if not the most important factor when you come to calculate your ROI is to consider EVERY cost that you will be covering. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised at how many deal sourcers fail to do this correctly which sees their 300% ROI suddenly drop to a meer 15%. One of the best ways to have a great ROI is to secure a lease option on the house, a strategy which Alasdair has already followed and completed with a fully let property in Wolverhampton. His total investment has been £4,800 and the rent generates just under £1,500 p.c.m gross revenue making an impressive ROI of 180%.


Here are the steps to follow in order to secure a LOA

  1. Ring the vendor
  2. Ask questions. For example, regarding finance of outstanding mortgage repayments and when they are looking to sell by.
  3. Offer to view the property to outline a potential deal.

Rahim secured six deals after attending the free property investors Crash Course, four of them being rent to rent which are now making £700 p.c.m each and two buy to lets. In order to secure the buy to let deals, Rahim used the cash flow from his rent to rent properties to invest in them. Not only is this an amazing story, it shows how committed Rahim is on his pursuit of creating a property empire. He is living proof that anyone can achieve financial freedom, despite their background as long as you have the right knowledge and strategies!

In the news this week we have a national scandal called empty homes! Across England we have about 205,000 empty homes in alone worth an estimated 50 billion which have been empty for over six months or more… It seems like a no brainer to get in contact with whoever owns these properties (you can find this out on land registry) and offer them a LOA for a win win situation.


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