Property Millionaire – The Board Game

In a recent video for my YouTube channel, I showcased my new board game Property Millionaire. I have been working on this game for some time now, and I think it is going to be a great tool for anyone wanting to make their first million in property. Property Millionaire was developed from real world investing principles and can be used as a learning aid by both kids and adults alike.

Playing the game will change your perception of how to generate and preserve wealth. More importantly, mastering these principles will give you the knowledge and confidence to implement what you’ve learned in real life. In this article, I will explain exactly how the game works and how you can buy it yourself.

​1. Become financially free

The first step in the game is becoming financially free. Becoming financially free means making enough passive income each month as you need to cover your living costs. Once someone is financially free, they are able to focus on their property business full-time. They can also focus on getting more cash-flow to invest.

This is the first step in becoming a property millionaire, both in the game and in real life. This will involve using creative strategies such as,  rent to serviced accommodation (R2SA) and rent to house in multiple occupation (R2HMO). These strategies can be done with very little money and are therefore a great place to start in property. Once you are financially free you can move on to the next step, becoming a property millionaire!

​2. Become a property millionaire

Now that you are financially free, this isn’t the time to sit back and relax. Now it is time to become a property millionaire! While becoming financially free often focuses on controlling property, becoming a property millionaire often requires owning it. You will now begin building your empire and race the other players to become the first millionaire in the game.

Back in the real world, learning about property is important for anyone that wants to become successful. Owning property is something that most of the richest people do, even if they became wealthy from other industries. Property is considered a safe place to park capital because regardless of what the market is doing, people will always need a place to live.

​3. How to order the game

If you are ready to learn about property in a fun way and teach your family along the way, why not order the game today? The game is perfect for adults and children aged 8+. It is a much faster play than Monopoly and, unlike Monopoly, teaches actual financial lessons that can help you and your family in the real world.

If you are ready to put your family on the right track, whether that be towards financial freedom or towards becoming a property millionaire, you can click here and place an order now. Make sure to act fast while stocks last. If you want to give the gift of financial education, be sure to order more for friends and family too!

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