R2R Property Portfolio Tour!

R2R Property Portfolio tour

Ready to watch the R2R property portfolio tour? No matter how active and involves you decide to be with your property portfolio, there’s always a degree of do’s and do-not’s. These are more commonly learned through hard graft and even harder mistakes. Much like any craft it takes years to hone those skills. You need the right power team, the right support around you. You need the right detriment of confidence and the most charming of social skills. Don’t let me put you off if you’re new. In fact, that’s the whole point! Nobody ever starts off knowing it all, and that’s okay, Samuel is here to help!

There’s no better way of learning, than doing. This is a core principle Samuel abides by. At the crash course he not only shows you how to start by calling and booking viewings, but he also makes everyone do it! It truly is an experience. And that’s what Samuel wanted to bring to you today with this video. To see hands-on what one of his successful students do, how she manages her portfolio and rates them based off of his decade of industry experience.

What's in the video?

This video is a slightly longer one this time around. Samuel Leeds visits Stella Samuel to rate her rent-to-rent property portfolio. In this video, we are to explore four houses. Samuel personally rates each of them and gets the scoop on Stella as a landlord. Will she pass Samuel's test? Watch the video to find out!

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