Rent2Rent Explained For Beginners | Property Investing With Little Money in 2021

Samuel Leeds

Rent2Rent Explained For Beginners | Property Investing With Little Money in 2021!

Hello, what's up everyone? This is me Samuel Leeds and today I will talk about rent-to-rent for the beginners who want to start with a little investment. In this video, I will discuss what rent-to-rent is, how it works, what are the best areas for rent-to-rent purposes and how you have to find out if it’s not illegal. This video will help you to get a good start. So, let’s begin.

What is Rent to Rent?

Rent-to-rent is basically a chain where you rent a property on an agreed amount and then you rent it out to another tenant. This requires proper contract and permissions so you don’t have to face any consequences in future. 

It is a really effective business in terms of cash flow and it really helps you to grow financially. One of my friends Natasha started her rent to rent business and it worked wonders for her as she smartly used her skills. She began with her house, when her sisters moved out when they joined university so she thought of renting those rooms that she was renting. Then she put the lodgers in and rented out those rooms and guess what? She was living rent free there as she was getting a rent from those lodgers. They were paying her rent for the entire property. Isn’t that amazing? 

After that Natasha found this strategy quite interesting and she decided to buy a house and scale her business. She then joined my academy to learn about the rent-to-rent business. She started watching my videos and took advice and help from me on how she can grow her venture. 

She bought a house and started living in that house. It was a residential house with a small deposit and it is quite easy to be on the property ladder if you are buying a house for the first time. What she did with her house is, she is staying in one room and rented out the two other rooms. That is cool because she is living free in her house as the cost is coming from the tenants. After getting so much demand from the lodgers for room renting, she then rented another house in two minutes drive from her own house. Natasha rented a house for 600 pounds a month and she put three tenants in that rented property and now making a profit of 1000 pounds a month. The cash flow is really good in this business. 

Join My Training Program

If you want to learn how you can make money without even owning a house and want to grow your rent to rent business then I am inviting you to meet me in person and get on the property ladder. Register now, it’s a free training program that I will be doing next week. I will help you to become financially free in 2021. My students under my guidance became financially free. They have done rent to rent in different cities like Stella did it in Oxford, Endrit did it in London while Tom did it in Huddersfield. You can do it in your city as well. 

There are many companies who don’t own it but are earning very well. Like Uber, Amazon, AirBnB and so many. Uber don’t own their cars, Amazon don’t own their stocks and AirBnB don’t own hotels but you can see their success. This is what I will teach you in my free training program where you will meet me live. 

Wrapping Up!

Hope this video develops your interest in property to make a good profit. And if you really want to learn and grow in property through rent to rent where you don’t even have to own a house. So, just join my free training program and meet me personally to know the secrets for a better future. Book your ticket now because the program is completely free. Then what are you waiting for? Join now and become financially free this year. 

Keep watching and liking my videos and do me a favour by hitting the subscribe button of my Youtube channel. Till then take care, bye!

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