Rental Income is a Nice Earner | Piers Bishwakarma

THE son of an ex-Gurkha captain is on track to becoming financially free after forging a new life for himself in Aldershot. Entrepreneur Piers Bishwakarma is making an average monthly profit of £3,000 from working just one day a week, renting out furnished accommodation. Until recently the 27-year-old was a partner in an Aldershot-based estate agency which helps ex-Gurkhas settle in the UK, but he has now decided to make a full-time career out of property investing.

Mr Bishwakarma moved to Aldershot 11 years ago with his family, including his father Gopal, a former Gurkha officer. After spells as a store manager for a mobile phone firm and a retail franchise owner, Mr Bishwakarma joined Namaste Estates in 2017, helping veterans to buy homes in the area. But now he is renting apartments to business travellers and workers from the north employed in building thousands of homes on former Ministry of Defence sites in Aldershot.

His four flats are in an apartment block near the town centre, but remarkably he does not own any of them. Instead, he struck a deal with the landlord to pay him a guaranteed monthly rent. Mr Bishwakarma then re-lets them at a higher rate on sites such as Airbnb and and retains the difference. He has also recently taken over the management of a six-bedroom rental property just 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre.

The young businessman’s evolution from estate agent to property entrepreneur began when he heard about property investor Samuel Leeds. He did some research and discovered Mr Leeds was a self-made multi-millionaire who is the same age as him. “I’d been thinking about property investing for some time,” said Mr Bishwakarma. “I watched all of Samuel’s YouTube videos then enrolled on his crash course, along with my older brother Mahesh, who has supported me on my business journey.”

Mr Bishwakarma and his 37-year-old engineer brother invested £8,000 of their family money into furnishing two one-bedroom and two three-bedroom flats, and had to pay the first month’s rent of

£3,600 on top. Now the profits are going straight into a savings account to be reinvested into more property deals. Mr Leeds, chairman of Property Investors UK, said: “I’ve been so impressed with Piers that I got him to go on stage in front of 1,000 people at one of my national training events to talk about his success.

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