Samuel and Amanda Show: Car Accident, Football, Racism, and Trolls

Samuel Leeds

Samuel and Amanda Show: Car Accident, Football, Racism, and Trolls..

Hey guys, Samuel and Amanda here. For this episode of the Samuel and Amanda Show, we talked over various topics ranging from my interview with rapper Krept and Amanda's fender bender. Here's everything we discussed.

What Have We Been Up To

“This week has been a week of firsts for me. So I've been driving for ten years. I've never had any penalty points, and then this week, I had a little accident,” Amanda narrated.  She further added she still doesn’t understand how the car crash happened despite replaying the incident in her mind repeatedly. 

“I was in the car at the time as well. I was fearing for my life,” I exaggerated. “It wasn't that bad,” Amanda responded laughingly, “thankfully, no one was hurt.” What happened was, we were at a junction, and someone signalled Amanda that it was okay for her to go, so she pulled out without checking and hit the car that was coming from the right. And while she agrees that she was at fault for not double-checking that the road was clear, she partly blames the man that encouraged her to go.

Now, if you keep up with our podcast, you know that Amanda has been complaining about the BMW she's been driving while awaiting the delivery of her electric Mercedes Benz. So my thinking is, she subconsciously crashed the BMW on purpose because she wanted it gone. “I probably did sabotage it myself,” Amanda agreed, “subconsciously, not on purpose.” The wrecked car was picked up and taken away, and to Amanda's disappointment, the replacement car they brought her was worse. Let's hope she doesn't write it off as well.

Aside from crashing her car, Amanda, as usual, also spent some quality time with the kids, enjoying the sunshine and picnicking. “And we've got loads of development deals going on. I've been travelling all around. I've been running events. I've been running discovery days. I've been making YouTube videos,” I mentioned. I’ve also been making plans for Amanda's birthday, which is right around the corner. She'll be turning 29, and we'll spend the day at Sandbanks. “That's like our favourite area in the UK. It's really nice. It's a beach. Our favourite hotel is there as well,” Amanda said excitedly. 

Unfortunately, the hotel is fully booked until next year so we won't be staying there. In fact, within a 30-minute radius of Sandbanks, there are no available hotels and serviced accommodations. I got so desperate to find a place to stay that I reached out to my followers on social media, asking whether there are any available hotels or serviced apartments in Dorset. And as it happens, one of my followers saw the post and invited us to stay in her private apartment, which is currently vacant.

The entire situation goes to show how serviced accommodations are a good investment in this age. “So true. If you're not in on that yet, jump on it,” Amanda agreed, saying staycations are the trend now. Not to mention, the process of booking Airbnbs is so hard. “You have to jump through hoops,” Amanda said. Anyway, if you want to know how Amanda's birthday played out and our experience staying in a stranger's apartment, watch our next podcast.

UEFA European Football Championship and Racism

In June and July, we had the UEFA EURO 2020, and anyone who knows my wife knows that she's a bigger fan of football than I am. “I get so invested,” Amanda said, adding that she usually only watches England matches. And when we win, she goes crazy with excitement.

So England was up against Italy for the final, and we went to London to watch the game. It was hard to find a restaurant or a pub that had space to watch the game that was taking place in Wembley Stadium. “Mandy was screaming and shouting and cheering like crazy,” I recalled. Unfortunately, we didn't win but came close with a final score of 1-1 (3-2 on penalties).

“But you know what, I was so proud because I think for England to get that far, it was just amazing in itself,” Amanda said. Since we lost in penalties, it could have gone either way. But some fans didn’t feel the same way and actually started a petition for a rematch, alleging Italy played dirty. One incident they may be referring to is when Giorgio Chiellini pulled Bukayo Saka back by his t-shirt. They were dirty, but I feel the referee would have taken action if it was that serious.

The match outcome also saw three English players of colour, namely Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho, face online racist abuse for missing penalties. “Who even notices that? They're one team,” Amanda said, saying that she only found out the players that missed the penalties were black and of mixed race after seeing tweets. Savills even suspended an employee after racist tweets following England's defeat. The employee now claims his account was hacked, which is crazy because he has very few followers.

To help curb racial and other hateful comments, some propose that social media platforms require users to link their accounts to real-world IDs, such as a passport number. The argument being people don't typically walk up to others and say threatening, harassing, or racist things to their face, so social media shouldn't be any different. “I think it would deter people a bit,” Amanda said, “If you knew your passport was attached to your account and people could ID you straight away, you would think twice before you actually said something.”

I also support having to provide one's passport number to sign up for social media sites. I have experienced trolls first-hand, where someone makes multiple anonymous accounts and leaves me offensive comments. We've even had people arrested and prosecuted for trolling me. “Careful what you say,” Amanda warned. But not many seem to realize you can hold people accountable for online abuse. For instance, a law firm sued an individual for leaving a false Trustpilot review, and the court ruled the person pay the firm £25,000 in damages. “Good,” Amanda responded.

Speaking of consequences, I was not pleased with Boris Johnson's response to the racist trolls who attacked England's Saka, Rashford, and Sancho. Telling the trolls to be ashamed of themselves and crawl back under the rock they came from is just so stupid. Under a rock is where they want to be, typing on their keyboards. They should be dragged into the courtroom, where everyone can see them, and made to answer for their racist comments. 

Drawing the Line Between Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech

But we all have the right to voice our opinions. So while sharing your experience with a company, for example, is not wrong, saying something that's not true is. The same applies to your opinion about someone. Let's take the case of football players missing penalties; if someone said they dislike a particular player or didn't think he was a good player, that's okay. There's a difference between expressing your opinion and saying something hateful or defamatory.

However, there is a problem if you keep telling someone your opinion of them over and over again. If I didn't like Sterling and kept commenting that he's a d*ck and how much I don't like him on his posts, that's harassment. Saying it once is enough. Amanda also added that it's also important to ask yourself whether your opinion is necessary. “Sometimes you don't have to say anything even if you think that someone's a d*ck,” she said. 

Was I Racist to Krept?

I did a video with Krept, which got shared on various platforms. Made You Think on Instagram are among those that shared the video, and in the comments, some people thought I was racist for asking Krept where he got the money to buy the house.

For the record, whenever any of my students show me around a property they own or manage, I always ask where they got the money to buy and or refurbish the property. I do this to encourage those watching that anyone can succeed in property, not just for the super-rich or people who have inherited money. For example, an artist might have seen the interview and become inspired by Krept, who revealed he got the £43,000 he used to buy the house from his music.

Amanda said she thought it was just ridiculous how people look for problems where they're none. “They obviously just don't know you and don't know your heart,” she further said regarding people commenting that I was racist toward Krept. I think another reason for their ignorant comments would be that they're not familiar with the context of my videos, where I ask everybody, “Where did you get the money?” Anyway, I have mad respect and love for Krept, who loved and approved the video before it got posted.

But people take things so personally and literally. I even had to put a disclaimer on a joke video featuring Jessica, our youngest. The video starts with me saying if I'm already a millionaire, why do I keep working? What's my reason? I then turn to my daughter to make it look like I'll say my children are my why, but I push her aside instead. At which point, I look back at the camera and say, “Because I want a jet.” 

What Have We Learned From Having Kids?

Amanda said that one thing she has learned is how quickly kids forgive. “Kids just let go of things so easily, and I think it's just something we can learn from,” she said. For me, it's that kids live in the present. They're not worrying about the future or thinking about the past by, for instance, holding grudges as adults do. And I think focusing on the present is one of the reasons why kids are always happy, especially our kids.

They say, when you think about the future too much, it can cause anxiety. When you think about the past too much, it can cause depression. But when you stay in the present, that's where true happiness is.

Spontaneity or Stability?

Amanda answered she prefers stability more than spontaneity, adding that I bring spontaneity into her life. I'm all for spontaneity because I don't like a boring life. Being stable is also desirable, but it's not always assured. Anything can happen, so have fun and enjoy each day. 

Parting Shot

Thank you to everyone who's watching, listening, or reading. We hope you enjoyed this week's discussions. You can watch more episodes of the Amanda and Samuel show on my YouTube channel or listen to the podcast on Spotify or iTunes. Don't forget to leave your questions in the comments section under the videos, and we'll do our best to answer your question. Until next time, folks.

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