Samuel and Amanda Show: Fashion-Forwardness Versus Simplicity of Dressing

Samuel Leeds

Samuel and Amanda Show: Fashion-Forwardness Versus Simplicity of Dressing

Hey, welcome back to yet another episode of the Samuel and Amanda Show. Amanda did such a great job with the set-up for this video, I must say. She found the perfect lighting and chose a picturesque background, making us look really great on camera. 

So last time, you guys didn't ask us any questions, but we received loads of lovely comments, which we appreciate immensely. If you have any questions on money, marriage, life, business, and even personal questions to either myself or Amanda, drop your comments here. We're a transparent couple, and we'll do our best to answer all of them in the next episode.

What Have We Been Up To

I've been here, there, and everywhere in the past week, as Amanda put it, driving around like crazy on business errands. “My back is aching … I need another massage,” I noted. Speaking of massage, Amanda went for her first massage since the birth of Jessica, our youngest. She also had another post-pregnancy first this week, i.e., she started working out again. Although, I had to tease her for her unrealistic expectations after just two workouts. “I need to be patient,” she agreed.

While on the subject, I've put a little bit of weight back on. “It's depressing looking at pictures from like six, eight months ago because now I am bigger than I was,” I revealed. Lockdown has been so long that I got fit, got out of shape, and will become fit again all before “lockdown lifts properly.” Being overweight has to be the thing I struggle with the most in my life despite working out every day. “I just eat whatever I want, which sometimes is a lot,” I explained. “At least you're working on it,” Amanda encouraged me.

Amanda also shared that we're looking to convert one of our properties in Wales to a serviced accommodation. When Amanda told me the tenants in that property were leaving, “I was rejoicing because I was thinking we're losing so much money on the house.” “I know. It's in a beautiful location,” Amanda agreed.


Snowdon saga

Now, something interesting happened in that property. As I've explained before, “Mandy always books my hotels.” She prefers making a booking before the date or dates of stay. But I'm for booking hotels on the day of arrival because my plans continually change.

So on this particular day, my method backfired on me. I called Amanda while on my way to Snowdon with four other people, asking her to book us a hotel, only she called back saying she couldn't find one. I asked her to look for a serviced accommodation, nothing fancy, but still her search came up with nothing. She couldn't even find a place within 30 minutes of Snowdon.

Then Amanda remembered we own a property in the area that currently had no tenants. She gave me the keycode, so we could go and crash there. But when we got to the house, the tenants were still there! At first, I thought they were squatters, but Amanda explained they were actually vacating on another date; it was a date mixup. 

So I asked the tenants if all five of us could crash there, and they graciously agreed. But we slept on the floor. “I don't envy you that night,” Amanda remarked. The Snowdon saga is what drew us to the fact that there are no hotels around that area. So now that the house is empty, we can convert it into an Airbnb. 


Our Views on Dressing and the Importance of How You Dress in Business

I get pulled up on how I dress all the time, and ironically my wife is a fashion stylist. “Self-appointed, by the way … it was never a job,” Amanda made sure to clarify. But when we met, she had a website where she shared dressing tips and the like, so she's very much a professional fashion stylist in my book. On a side note, Amanda can still fit in the dress she was wearing when we first met. That's impressive because we have since had three kids.

Anyway, if you've noticed, when someone walks in the Dragons' Den, and they're not wearing a suit, the Dragons refuse to invest in their business because they look like a scruff. Amanda loves fashion and is fashion conscious, whereas I tend to always dress the same. So in this debate, she spoke on the importance of being fashionable while I explained why I think dressing up is overrated.

Amanda began by saying dressing well is particularly of importance because of first impressions. “When you meet someone for the first time, the first thing they see is what you're wearing,” Amanda explained. So if you're unkempt, the other person may take it to mean you're careless or even unhygienic. “There's a big difference between not being fashionable … and not being hygienic,” I cut in.

“But you don't have to wear designer clothes to look appealing,” Amanda clarified. I agreed, revealing I wear basic tops every day, but I shower twice a day, “I'm very clean.” My hair may be a bit unkempt at the moment. “Please rate my haircut,” Amanda interrupted, saying I only gave a 5/10, “For someone who's not a hairdresser, I think I've done alright.”

Back to the topic at hand, I let Amanda know that I agreed that looking presentable regardless of whether you're dressing up simple or fancy is important. My point is fashion is overrated. “I just think it's crazy that if this top had a little Gucci symbol here, it would be 100 times the price potentially,” I said point at my polo t-shirt. Amanda agreed that with some pieces of clothing, the pricing is ridiculous, but with others, it makes sense because they will last. 

I said it makes more sense buying ten or more of an item of clothing you like. “No, no, no, no, no, no babe,” Amanda vehemently disagreed, then explained that I loved the polo I was currently wearing so much that I asked her to get me 10 or 20 of it. So now, “it looks like he's wearing the same top every day.” They're simple and comfy, so why not? And I feel the same way for other types of clothing, including belts.

“Something that frustrates me with Samuel,” Amanda digressed a bit, “If he goes anywhere, he always loses stuff or leaves things behind.” “He had a pair of Yeezy trainers” that he went with to Newyork for a financial freedom challenge“and he left them in a hotel room.” I've also forgotten Ralph Lauren jumpers and other expensive stuff, including sprays.

But in my defence, I'm in and out of hotels all the time. So when I unpack my stuff, it's so easy to forget some things. Amanda disagreed, saying that if she carries an expensive item, designer or not, she always remembers to pack it when leaving. To her, the reason why I easily forget such stuff is my not recognizing their worth or how fashionable they are. I only care about how comfortable and convenient something is. 

Amanda recalled a time we went to Sports Direct, and I saw a pair of slip-on shoes. So I told her if it weren't for her, I'd wear such shoes all the time. It wasn't until the shooting of this podcast episode that I learnt the shoes I was eyeing were called skechers. “You see what I mean,” Amanda noted, referring to cluelessness about trivial details like a brand name. The shoes looked so comfy, so if I went to Newyork with laceless slip-on skechers and not Yeezys, I probably would have remembered to pack them. 

“You're more comfort over anything,” Amanda noted, “But you can't wear sketchers.” “It is really interesting how different we are in that area,” I remarked, then reminded her my losing stuff sometimes pays off to her advantage. When I love something, I tend to wear it all the time. For instance, I had a nice, bright, comfy yellow hoodie that I wore often, and Amanda didn't like that. Unfortunately, I lost it. “The yellow hoodie is no more,” Amanda said, laughing.


Fashion and Clothing Debate Conclusion 

“Rather than arguing against fashion and it being overrated, I think what's way more important is who you are,” I said. “Oh yeah. Definitely,” said Amanda in agreement. If you are confident, a good communicator, outspoken, kind and if you focus on your staff and customers and, in general, add value to your business, it shouldn't matter what you wear so long as it's respectable.

I would rather have ten polos that all look alike but are not only comfy but quick and easy to wear. No one cares. Amanda will refuse to wear a dress she wore to a past event to an event with the same guests. “I'm like, who gives a monkey's?” I said. “Girls do,” Amanda responded. “No one,” I stated. Trolls online are always cursing me for my weight, appearance, and clothing, but I choose to ignore them because I'm not bothered with what they think. I care what my wife, my family, and my customers think.

I prefer a simple life. Instead of thinking about what to wear every morning, I want to spend that time figuring out how I can be effective that day. And it's not just me. If you look at some of the world's wealthiest individuals, the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Simon Cowell, it's as if they're always in the same outfits. And guess what, no one cares.

“I totally get what you mean,” Amanda responded, then added she doesn't dress for anyone and she doesn't care what anyone really thinks. “It's more about just me and satisfying myself … So do you,” she advised. Amanda actually picks out my clothes for me. “But sometimes he's like I don't want to wear that top … I want my navy top,” Amanda revealed, saying I have grown to have a mind of my own in regards to how I dress.

She also shared that she bought me new clothes, including new shoes, shorts, and tops, about two weeks ago, and I am yet to open the package, let alone try them on to see how they fit. “I just have no interest,” I tried to explain, “I'm glad you bought them for me. I'm grateful, and if I wake up and they're there, I'll wear them.” Another thing is, when you're a bit overweight, you can't experiment as much. So if I find safe clothing, i.e., fits perfectly and doesn't say, lift and show my stomach, I prefer to stick to it.

“When I've lost a bit of weight again. I'm back in shape, ‘We can do like a shopping day?' Amanda asked, interrupting excitedly. We'll do a shopping day. We'll vlog it. ” I promised. “That will be fun,” an excited Amanda agreed. The weight thing is more for me because it's a health thing. But it's also for my family and kids. However, the clothes thing, I'm not so bothered about, honestly. So, who do you agree with, Amanda or myself?

Remember to post some questions for next week. We don't have a topic for next week yet, but we'll always keep the Amanda and Samuel Show fresh. Whatever you want us to talk about, let us know and “we will cater to your interests for your entertainment and education.”


Amanda's Final Words of Wisdom

“Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Spread, love, and kindness wherever you go,” Amanda advised, revealing that she sometimes gets hateful comments. “That's so true … Treat everybody like family,” I agreed, reminding us all that ultimately, we're all of one race, the human race. Thank you for watching, listening, or reading. Until next week, peace out.


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