Samuel Leeds Responding to Videos about Him!

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Samuel Leeds Responding to Videos about Him!

I recently responded to a video about me made by a guy named Mark on my YouTube channel and will be sharing the contents of my response through this article in the simplest words possible.

I respect mark as a businessperson as I actually sold him a house around four years ago.

Mark is an entrepreneur and property investor who decided to discuss with his followers on one of the most commonly asked questions about me.

He claims that the internet seems to be obsessed with the controversy and offered to give his two pennies worth in the video.

Mark says that he’s got about three million pounds worth of UK rental property and has got about a million pounds worth of projects in development in terms of property while running multiple seven-figure businesses for the past 15 years.

In my opinion, he seems like a successful guy and I always think that it's important to try and figure out people's agenda such as, if he's successful and making good money, why would he do a YouTube video giving his opinion on me?

I don't really know what his agenda would be but he seemed to be happy with what he found me teaching at one of my free courses.

In Mark’s opinion, he finds that the problem with my business model is that, after you do the free crash course, which obviously attracts the advanced training, which is for sale, you can't guarantee a positive outcome for your clients and is always going to face scrutiny and criticism from a select group of clients that are not successful.

He goes on to claim that I sell an intangible product, a training course, something you can't really judge on whether it's been delivered correctly or not.

However, is it really an intangible course?

If you come along to one of my training programs, it has a physical presence because it's a real thing and I guess it depends on how you exactly define intangible.

It's no different from going to the university where they offer a service or going on a holiday.

I would argue that probably the reason nine out of ten people fail to become successful is because they don't get trained properly and don't get the correct consultation.

If you look at my students, I think that you'll find nine out of ten of them succeed because they've received proper training which is a tangible service.

Mark also says that I could give everybody a full refund if they didn't feel the training being suitable within a certain time frame however, if we're late or if there's any big problems, we do give free refunds straight away.

If I sold tickets to my training course but then don't turn up to deliver the training, something that never happens, I will give out refunds. The problem is refunding somebody because I turned up as a trainer and deliver by helping and supporting but then, they don't get results.

You can't refund someone just because they don't get results because if you did offer that, let's say I said if you come on my training but it doesn't work out and don't get results, you'll get a full refund, no one would get results or hardly anybody would because there's no consequence.

However, when people come and think this needs to work on me, then they actually are more likely to get results and therefore, I don't think the analogy quite works.

In the whole of 2020, our average score of what our students rated us at the end of the training was 9.5 out of 10 and wish it was 10 because my attitude is such that I’m going to act like everyone can succeed, everyone will succeed, and everyone should succeed.

Mark talks about how I should make people get to a certain point before they do paid training, something that I do by giving everybody free training first such as through the crash course, YouTube, books, CDs, and this blog.

In conclusion, I think that it's healthy and important to challenge people to test and see how things could be done better and differently. As a property investor and a trainer, I’m open to critique and the reason I responded to mark's video was because he was genuinely just challenging and asking questions since he's done the training himself and wasn't saying lies..


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