Samuel Leeds Response | Logan Paul VS Floyd Mayweather 06.06.21

Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds Response | Logan Paul VS Floyd Mayweather 06.06.21

Hello! I am Samuel Leeds, your property guide. Today, I am not going to talk about in my video but it will definitely connect at some point. I have brought a fight between Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather on the table to discuss what lesson we can draw from it. This fight has taught some great lessons from Logan Paul’s story. I really felt that success comes to those who keep on struggling to win that. Well, let’s begin to see what I am talking about. 

What Happened in the Fight?

The fight began at 4 in the morning and I woke up to see what was happening. Well, there was no winner or a loser but Paul was saying that he won through posting his picture on Twitter in which he was raising his hand against Floyd. It was technically an exhibition and not a fight. While on the other side, Floyd said, ‘He could have knocked down Logan if he really wanted to.’ But it seemed that he was just having fun. 

Floyd beat Conor Mcgregor a few years back maybe two or more than that and he never lost a fight. He also won 50 fights in a row. That’s superb. 

I saw this exhibition and here I am putting my thoughts about what happened in the fight or an exhibition. Floyd hit hard that made Paul to whoop and I was also on Floyd's side, I was rooting for him because he is a well-known boxer and losing is such an embarrassment for Floyd, that’s what I thought. Because after all he is a boxer so how could he lose and if he did, it would not be good for him. But on the other side, Floyd who is about to retire was fighting a young 20 something year old six foot macho man who was also giving tension about who’s going to win. In a picture where both of them standing face to face was telling that Logan was a freaking giant but in actuality, everybody is aware of the fact that Floyd is goliath because he is a world champion boxer who has never lost yet. 

Coming to what happened in the fight, Logan held himself really well after getting too many punches in. There were right rounds and Logan seemed a little bit drowsy in the fourth round but he kept on his struggle and didn’t give up. Even Floyd said that he was really impressed to see Logan Paul’s stamina of continuous fighting. Most people were supporting Floyd even Mike Tyson once said that Logan is gonna scream and get punched and will not move on. But wait what happened? Every expectation turned out wrong as Logan shocked the world by firmly standing on his own all through eight rounds against the world champion boxer Floyd. 


A Lesson to be Learnt

After seeing this fight I drew some lessons which we all can implement in our fields as well. Whether it’d be a property business or any other business, it is good to learn lessons from other aspects and act upon it. You know that Paul is not a fighter or a boxer but a Youtuber. He had only one fight prior in his life against a Youtuber KSI. so, the question here is how he held his own throughout the fight which was eight rounds and that too against Floyd who is a boxer although he is in his retirement phase but still he is a World Champion who recently beat Conor Mcgregor also. 

Well, I think sometimes years of experience do not work in your favor in any sort of business or field instead if given focus within a limited time and continuous hard work and belief take you the route of success. That’s what happened in the case of Paul, who within a year of hard work and non-stop training have made himself strong enough to hold on his own against the boxer. 

You must be thinking why I am telling you all this is because for many of you I will be your property giant and I have been in the property business for 12 years that made me successful. 

But you might think that oh I can’t be like him and it also takes 12 or more than 12 years to be financially free. No! This thinking is wrong because many of my students in just 12 months have proved themselves being the owner of a number of properties. And so many of my students have become my peers within a year or two. So, the thing is don’t underestimate yourself when you have the potential to achieve. Nothing is impossible. 

The first thing required is to believe in yourself and not be disheartened if things didn’t turn out in your favour. Just keep on struggling and believe me just 12 months of relentless hard work and training can lead you to a way of success. You will be financially free and can hold yourself in the property investment business. Just be dedicated and concentrate on your work. 12 months of struggle would give you years of relief. 


Wrap up!

I will just say that take inspiration from these giants and implement it in your life. Well, it was  a great fight between Paul and Floyd. I was really entertained however some people said that it was staged but I don’t think so. Take it as entertainment. Even some people say to me that these financial freedom challenges must be staged. Recently I heard that no money down deals don’t exist but they don’t want to educate themselves on what it actually is. Well, you don’t have to be skeptical but try to learn something from every business and take inspiration to apply in your life. This is it for today, hope you enjoy the video,  keep watching me and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Take care, bye!

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