Samuel Leeds student reviews

Samuel Leeds student reviews

Some of you might be googling ‘Samuel Leeds student reviews' because you want confidence about the course you're going on. Well, this video will give you a real review from the very first student our property icon had. Her name is Jael and her story is wonderful. She now has a successful, growing business portfolio and a lovely family to raise.

We all remember our first love, our first car, our first property deal and the list goes on. Samuel also has the pleasure of remembering his first student! Let's turn the wheels of time back to 2014 when Samuel's education business was born. He was apprehensive as to whether the business would flourish, whether anybody would show up and how much influence he would have on his attendees. Since then he's obviously had confirmation thousands of times that his teachings work and are impactful. However, it feels extra special to know that his first ever student is successful 6 years later.

After attending the crash course, Jael decided to buy her council house using the right to acquire scheme. She was inspired by Samuel and felt equipped to foray into the property investment world. For her next move, she needed to use all the networking tips and finance raising advice that Samuel had given her. She pooled together £250,000 from investors to purchase a nightclub in a highly sought after spot in London. Commercial property was her dream and attending Samuel's event had given her the keys to it. The bar now turns over £1 million+ yearly.

Jael also has a rent to rent deal in Kentish Town which earns her £1,000 per month. Find out what else she has achieved and how she got there by watching the video. Please don't forget to share it with others who need inspiration and motivation to live their best lives.




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