Scammer Caught Red Handed- Pretending to be Me!

Samuel Leeds

Scammer Caught Red Handed- Pretending to be Me!

Somebody went on my YouTube and impersonated me, was giving a WhatsApp number saying contact me for investment advice.

Therefore, I am going to call them up and see what investment suggestions they can offer.

I know it’s a scam because they are pretending to be me!

Conversation between scammer and Samuel Leeds:

Scammer: Hello! Good morning….

Me: Hello. Hello! Good morning…

Scammer: Good morning! How may I help you?

Me: I just wanted to converse with Samuel Leeds. Could you tell me if you work with Samuel?

Scammer: Yes I work with….I am the manager of cryptocurrency summit.

Me: Can I speak to Samuel? Is he there?

Scammer: No. (Indistinct speech)

Me: Yeah. I am just looking to earn some money….

Scammer: Okay. Okay

Me: So what do you suggest?

Scammer: Okay. Can I guide you as to how it works? 

Me: Yes, please!

Scammer: Firstly, as an investor you need to secure a bitcoin and then put in your bitcoin into your trading slot address that will be created for you. Once that is completed, you will be sent a link to evaluate and record your trade so your trade duration is done. Do you want to begin now? How much will be your standard capital?

Me: Maybe 100 pounds.

Scammer: 100 is too small. We start with a minimum of 500 pounds.

Me:: Okay. Since how long have you been working with Samuel?

Scammer: I have been working with him since the past few years…

Me: It’s hard for me to believe..

Scammer: What do u mean?

Me:: It’s hard for me to accept that you are working with Samuel Leeds because I have never heard of you!

Scammer: You’ve never heard of Judge Harry?

Me: No 

Scammer: When you visit the website, you can thoroughly scan it and also contact customer care.

Me: I am Samuel Leeds so I think I would know if you had been working with him.

Scammer: Hi. How are you Samuel Leeds?

Me:. I get very exhausted of my YouTube channel getting spammed by scammers like you so I am not doing great!

(End of conversation)


My thoughts on the whole experience:


The scammer would have cheated me; he would not accept 100 because it was too small a sum and wanted no less than 500 pounds! That is certainly not how professionals in business work. In fact, they will probably point out that a sum of 100 pounds is quite exorbitant and that it is safe to start with a pound just to see if that works. The sum could then be raised to 10 pounds, then 100 and so on once the trust has been built!

People approach me all the time asking me if they can invest in a joint venture? Whether they can put a million pounds into a particular deal?

I always stop them and give them this advice: start with something small and then slowly build up from grass root level. 

Other people come up to me and request me if I can be their trainer or mentor…

I proceed to ask them to pay me a pound so they can enroll themselves into the crash course for 2 days to gain the necessary exposure and experience or I ask them to watch free videos on YouTube just to see how it is; that is how business professionals operate so you should always be careful! 

There are people who dissuade others from attending the crash course because they think it could be a hoax!

Rules of thumb:

1. Don’t give money to companies you don’t know

2. Be careful when people offer guaranteed results with cryptocurrency

3. Check to see testimonials from other customers before agreeing to anything

4. Don’t do business with somebody oversees with no website or comeback

5. Never invest more than you can afford to lose should worst come to worse

6. Be open minded but not naive, take calculated risks but don’t be reckless.

7. Never respond to spammy sales links in YouTube comments from fake accounts


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