Serviced accommodation deals

Are you wondering how to find serviced accommodation deals? Meet Piers! He runs something called a Bespoke Investor Club where he shows people the ropes of SA and deal sourcing. Think about all the challenges, setbacks and so forth – he covers those. Piers is a successful student of Samuel, having attended the Crash Course and the advanced training two years ago. Now, Piers has transformed his life from average to awesome, by becoming a genuine, bona fide property entrepreneur. His current monthly earnings from just 3 serviced accommodation deals is £2500.

Where did it all begin for Piers? Well, sadly his father was suffering from meningitis and was housed in a hospital for a long time. During this period, Piers decided to make the most of the long visiting hours by getting his laptop out. He began working on new ways to earn revenue through the expertise and knowledge he gained from Samuel and his own experience. Having been in serviced accommodation for a number of years, he decided to share his findings with other folks for a fee.

What else has he learned from Serviced Accommodation?

SA has taught him how to run a business. When you think of property investment, you might be inclined to consider it a niche field with specific parameters. Well, serviced accommodation is quite different as you are managing multiple factors. Firstly, how to deal with people – agents, deal sourcers, clients, landlords. Secondly, how to communicate to your audience via strong marketing campaigns and solid branding. SA forced Piers out of his comfort zone and made him a well-rounded businessman.

Watch the video to find out more about his SA experiences!

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