Starting from SCRATCH | Andrew Tate vs Samuel Leeds

I recently interviewed professional kickboxer and internet legend, Andrew Tate. We talked about a lot of different subjects, including my financial freedom challenges and what he would do if he had to start again with nothing. In the short clip (above) we discuss how to make money starting with zero. This video is only a small clip of a much larger interview that I have posted on my YouTube channel. Please do take the time to watch the full video as it has important information for anyone looking to build their wealth.

It was a pleasure speaking with Andrew and hashing out what we agree on and where we differ as well. It is important that alternative voices are not silenced and that everyone has a chance to have their say in the marketplace of ideas. In this article, I will summarise my approach and Tate’s approach to starting from scratch.

Andrew Tate’s Approach To Starting From Scratch

Andrew is the sort of guy that could be dumped in the desert with nothing and then be on the high street next month with a Lamborghini. When the media came for Tate and sites began banning him, he got excited and said ‘the game's getting fun again’. He is just that guy! Truly successful people have the ability to start again from nothing because they have the requisite skills. Tate is no exception.

Andrew’s strategy would be to become the middleman for a product, service or personality. He has a business card that lists all the services he can offer. No matter what someone wants done, Tate ‘knows a guy who knows a guy’. Andrew gave the example of finding an unknown singer and becoming their manager on a commission basis. He would then film them walking up to random women singing until one had a positive reaction. He would then post the video online to make it go viral. Tate says it is best to ask to work on a commission basis, as people are not afraid to say yes.

Samuel Leeds’ Approach To Starting From Scratch

I have started again from nothing many times as part of my Financial Freedom Challenges. I was even dropped in London in my underwear with nothing and came out on top. I know exactly how to start from nothing in the property industry and train people day in, day out, to do exactly that. Many of the success stories I feature on Winners On A Wednesday are people that started with no or little money, but who put in the work following my training or YouTube videos.

I would (and have) used creative property strategies when starting with nothing. Firstly, I would find property deals and pass them on to an investor for a fee. This gets you some initial capital to play with. Next, I would find properties that I could rent from landlords who would agree to allow me to rent the property out by the night on sites like Airbnb. This would give me recurring revenue. Wherever possible, I would also get a lease option agreement so that I could buy the property a few years down the road. This method has made me and many of my students financially free.

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