Stop Relying On Me To Pay Your Food

I grew up as a working-class guy, and when I started investing in property I thought everyone would say, ‘That's fantastic, you provided affordable houses for people’. But they didn't. Everyone said, ‘You're taking away from first-time buyers; you're taking away from the poor by monopolizing the property industry’.

I thought, okay fair enough, and I got into property development. I started building houses from scratch and I thought, how can they argue with that? There is a problem with a massive shortage of houses and I'm now building houses. However, do you know what people said? ‘Oh, you're building them too small; you're a greedy developer trying to squeeze all the profit you can. Look at these small, little houses that you build’.

Now I'm building big, beautiful houses, I'm building luxurious properties, and guess what people are now saying? They're saying millionaire building luxury houses for other millionaires, what about us? I’ll tell you ‘what about you’! Stop relying on me to pay your food, that's what!

No matter how successful they get, people will find fault!

Jeff Bezos says, “If you do anything interesting in the world, you are going to have critics. If you can't tolerate critics, then don't do anything new or interesting”. People love to criticise others, especially when those others are doing more, helping more and succeeding more than they have the capacity to. It doesn’t matter what type of success we are talking about: success in charity work; success in politics; success in the business world; success in entertainment, sports or athletics there will be critics from the beginning of your journey to the peak of your achievements.

That isn’t to say all criticism is unwarranted. Of course, sometimes people make mistakes and other times they may be doing something legitimately wrong. But it is important to look at the motivations of those doing the criticising and the accuracy of their claims. If their criticisms are based on entitlement (this person should fix our problems for us) or jealousy (this person has too much money) then their complaints are worthless.

Don’t judge others based on what people say about them. Discern for yourself by looking at what they have achieved, and how they have achieved it. Understand that no one owes you anything and that money is made by providing value to others. If someone has a lot of money, in many cases, they have provided a lot of value!

Don’t let strangers define you!

So what is the lesson here? Why am I telling you all this? Because if you are one of my students or a subscriber to my channel, I want you to be successful. I therefore want you to be able to handle the critics on your way to the top. It is important to know whose criticism is worth caring about. For me, that is my family, and to a lesser extent, people that have succeeded more than I have in my field and who are genuinely trying to help me. In relation to the services I offer, I care about the opinions of my customers. What I don’t care about is the opinions of random commentators, haters or gossips. As you grow in your success, I suggest you take the same approach.

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