Surprising My Girlfriend With A Luxury London Apartment- Reaction

Samuel Leeds

Surprising My Girlfriend With A Luxury London Apartment- Reaction

Hi. I am Samuel Leeds, a property investor and a property guide. Today I have decided to share the five habits which helped make me a millionaire.  I am sure that if these habits could help me become successful, they can definitely help you do better in your property business, and you too can become a multi-millionaire like me. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Evans went from 23 pounds to surprising his girlfriend with a luxury London city apartment. 


One Week Later:

Evans: This is what I have been praying for!

Me: It’s a magnificent luxury apartment with a skyline view; if it is as good as that, I can’t wait! All right, let us go look at it.

Evans: I really like this building. I think it is the best building here!

Me: He (Evans) is searching for an apartment to move into.

Real Estate Agent: Perfect! Are you going to join us?

Me: Yes, certainly!

(Later on during the house tour)

Real Estate Agent: The living room boasts a different view of London, the Canary Wall and the city itself. He (Evans) looks very happy with it!

Me: He loves it! Evans, would you like to reside here?

Evans: I would very much like to live here!

Me: Have you ever told Ellen (his girlfriend)?

Evans: I have not even told Ellen anything, and I will not tell her, actually!

Me: He wants to surprise his girlfriend.

Conversation between Evans and I in the car:

Me (on the phone): Hey Ellen! It has been quite good. It has been hard actually. We will see you on Sunday at my house for lunch, and then we will update you about everything that has happened yet.

Ellen: Thanks a lot! See you on Sunday!

Me: As I mentioned earlier, I would love it to be in my house or it will be in one of my apartments in London. I will send you my address as the time nears.

Ellen: I am so excited. Thank you so much. Bye guys!

Me (excitedly): She has no clue! We have just made an appointment at my house or at one of my “apartments” in London! 

In reality, she is going to be meeting Evans in their new, glamorous London city apartment. I am thinking that we can give her a tour of the house as if it is my own apartment and when she compliments it, you (Evans) can hand her the keys and amaze her with this surprise!

We have also given her the impression that our week had been quite rough but actually it has been the opposite!

Evans (on the phone with Ellen): When you reach there, give me a call so I can come down and take you in.

Me (afterward): Do you think she has any idea at all?

Evans: No! There is no way she will believe that I managed to do that in a week’s time.

Me: So when she reaches the apartment, we will give her the impression that it is my apartment and that we wanted to include her in the meeting and will let her in. Once she comes up, do you not think she might suspect something?

Evans: Not at all!

Me: When she comes up and gets into the apartment, it is all up to you. I will let you do your thing! I cannot wait!

Evans (upon reaching the apartment): This is amazing! It is hard to believe that I will be living here soon!


The conversation once inside the building:

Me (to the real estate agent): I have informed Ellen that it is my apartment and that I want to have a meeting with her. She will think it is mine, but once she makes her way up into the apartment, Evans will surprise her with their new home (the apartment) and ask her to move in with him!

Real Estate Agent: All right! I went into the apartment personally and cleaned every single thing there. Everything shines like it is brand new!

Evans: I really appreciate that!

Me to Evans: You can go and get her to come up in the apartment.

Evans (while alone in the elevator): She (Ellen) has no clue as to what she is about to see. This is unbelievable.

Evans (in the lobby): Hello! There she is! Let’s go!


Evans: Samuel is going to show you around his apartment now.

Ellen: Hey, how are you doing? 

Me: Hello! Welcome to my apartment!


Ellen: Thank you! It looks amazing.

Me: I know it looks great. Go on, have a seat! It has been a good week and we thought we would include you in the debrief.

Evans has made some good money now. You will be quite content.

Evans (as he gives his girlfriend a tour of the apartment): So I think this is what it is like…..

Ellen (about a particular room): All right, so you’ve got the whole view in here as well. You can see everything!

Evans (while touring): I think that is the bigger room. It is a two bed service accommodation. Look at that! Look at the view! You can see pretty much the entire city from this level!

Ellen: We always said we wanted some apartment with a view.

Evans: Yes. I’ll get there one day. I am getting there one day!

Evans (as he finishes the house tour): Yeah so that is pretty much it!

Me to Ellen: I am going to let you guess how much I make on the apartment. Okay so guess how much I make on it per month?

Ellen: I don’t know how much you make every month. Do you do a service accommodation or…

Me: I’ll tell you exactly how much I make on this property. I make nothing on this house and the reason why is…

Evans: It’s because it is our house! This is our apartment. This is where we are going to be staying!

Ellen: What do you mean?

Evans: I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done from the depth of my heart. I have got you for life so I bought this as our new home!

Ellen: I love this apartment. It is ideal! Are you serious? What do you mean this is our apartment? 


Evans: This is our key. We haven’t seen it yet but we have a gym downstairs, a sauna, a pool and a jacuzzi. We have a sky lounge upstairs with a view of the entire London city!

Ellen: This is exactly what we said we wanted!

Evans: I mean in one week I told Samuel and it really happened so it’s not me, it’s Samuel!

Samuel: And we have got like one day of lease.

Ellen: I am speechless. I would have never guessed this! I thought you would do well but not like this!

Me (to Ellen): Why don’t you take a look again with a pair of new eyes knowing that this apartment belongs to you?

Evans (to Ellen): Come on again and have a tour.

We have got a double bed now and for the first time we will not have to sleep on a single bed again.

Ellen: We have a side table now too. Normally, we use the laundry bags


Real Estate Agent: I am so elated to see Samuel. Since the beginning, he was an ideal for me!

Me: I am going to leave now and wait in the car because my job is done. I will let the couple do their thing!


2 Weeks Later:

Me and Amanda visit Ellen and Evans’ apartment at night

Me: Take us to the main bedroom!

Me: Amanda, what do you think of the apartment?

Amanda: I absolutely adore it. It is spectacular and the view is just incredible!


Me: So apart from this stunning apartment-on the property side, we did a lot of deals. How have things been like since? What have you guys accomplished since we completed the challenge a few weeks ago?

Ellen: Well today, I quit my job!

Evans: She can do that easily because the situation of the restaurants looks very nice-we expect over 2000 pounds per month. We also made around 16000 pounds in packaging and on top of that, the BRO is doing quite well. We have also got this huge development in pipeline going on so honestly, this week has drastically changed my life and I am so grateful for that!

Me: It is the most positive outcome in such a short amount of time!

(Post dinner- outside the building):

Me: So what do you think?

Amanda: I knew he was going to be financially independent eventually because obviously he was spending the whole week with you but the extent of how successful he has become in such a short span is truly unbelievable!

Me: I am so impressed. He deserves this. He is a wonderful guy!


(Final thoughts of Evans and Ellen)

Ellen: It feels like a lifetime when only 3 weeks ago, Samuel could not even stay on our floor and now we have got this breathtaking apartment in central London with a spare room for Amanda and Samuel to stay in. There have been so many significant changes in such a short time frame. I have now quit my job.

Evans: Actually, it has not been very easy. The weeks were probably some of the toughest weeks but simultaneously some of the best weeks I have ever had. We faced racism and many rejections, but we kept on moving forward and now we are financially independent!



Evans and his girlfriend fulfilled their dream of living in an apartment with a skyline view. I cried while watching their reaction. It was priceless!

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