The Eviction 2022 – Episode 1

The first episode of The Eviction 2022 aired on my YouTube channel recently. This year is bigger than ever with 10 ambitious candidates battling it out for a cash prize investment of £20,000! There will be an episode weekly until the end of the year. This week, the teams were tasked with furnishing and dressing a property ready to be used as a serviced accommodation rental.

Knowing how to present a property is the difference between being fully booked and having a trickle of bookings that doesn’t even cover costs. It is also the difference between 5 star reviews and refund requests. It is an essential property skill. In this article, I will give you 3 things you can do to make your serviced accommodation properties get top marks with your guests.

1. Welcome pack

When your guests arrive, it is likely that they won’t know how everything works. Everyone’s boiler, TV and washing machine works differently. This is particularly true with overseas guests. If guests can’t work something, they will need to contact you. This will not only give you more work, but is a hassle for your guests too. If you are unable to reply quickly, your guests will be left without access to the amenities you provide. Worse still, the guest may not contact you and simply assume the item isn’t working. Indeed, the first time you may hear about it is in their review!

You can avoid all the stress for you and your guest with a simple welcome pack. Include guides on how everything works; anything unusual in the property; where the spare lightbulbs are kept, etc. You can also include information about local shops, supermarkets and tourist attractions.

2. Remember the details

When your guests arrive, they should feel like they are walking into a hotel. You want to have some art on the walls, a bowl of fruit on the table and the beds nicely dressed. It is best to keep the style relatively neutral to be welcoming to all guests. The level of detail will depend on the clientele you are catering for. Contractors will want a different set up to holidaymakers, for example.

You can also go the extra mile by leaving a small welcome gift for guests. This will help set you apart from other serviced accommodation providers. The more you do for your guests, the better chance you have of getting a 5 star review.

3. Professional photography

Unless you happen to be a professional photographer, it is worth investing in shots of the property. The first thing guests will see on the booking sites is photos of the property. Good pictures will help to secure a purchase. Photos taken on your mobile phone are unlikely to be competitive. Paying a good photographer is a sound investment.

Make sure to have all amenities photographed such as microwaves, fridge/freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. This gives the guest a good basis for comparison with other properties. If you want any more help getting started with serviced accommodation or property in general, why not come to my next crash course? Tickets are just £1 and you can book one here.

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