The Most Expensive Course I Sell? FULL PRICE LIST REVEALED

The Most Expensive Course I Sell? FULL PRICE LIST REVEALED…

Hey what’s up guys? I am Samuel Leeds, your property guide. As you all know I am the founder and creator of Samuel Leeds Limited so, I have so many courses to offer which are free. These courses are related to property investments. So many people asked me about the most advanced training course and how much it costs. So many questions arise: how much is the academy which includes all the courses and how much all of this is expensive? So, today I will reveal how much expensive training courses I have. Let’s begin.

Advance Training

When you go to my website you will see the courses that I have been offering. There are bulk of courses that lots of students have done. There is also a price list of the courses which update time to time so don’t go off to that because it can change anytime or any moment. You can check the prices on the website or you have also the option to talk to our team members. The courses include:

  • Deal selling masterclass
  • Lease option bootcamp
  • Buy, refurbish, refinance masterclass
  • HMO bootcamp
  • Service accommodation HMO
  • Raising finance joint ventures
  • Rent to rent accelerator 

And so many different courses.

The reason for these different courses is many people want a particular strategy like they just want to learn specific things about property so I divided all of them to make it easier for everyone to learn what they want to. 

Samuel Leeds- HMOs bootcamp

HMO Bootcamp

I have made a 2 minute video on HMO bootcamp to explain what it is. So, if you think you need to educate about it then you can avail this course. There are different parts of one course which are explained in detail. You can also check the website for this. It’s a five week training program and you will also have an access of update version if ever updated this. The full course of HMO is only for 995 for online classes while for physical it will cost 1995 and it comes with all the contracts. Also, you have an  option whether to take an online class or physically where sometimes I or my expert trainers will guide you and teach you. 


Rent to Rent Accelerator

For rent to rent we offer the same online as well as physical version. There is too much content in the program structure and in other parts. You will learn everything about rent to rent in this and there is no further version. This is all I have put together and it is a lot. The cost of the course is 495 including v-a-t and documents. 

Deal Selling Masterclass

You can avail the online class of deal selling and go through the program structure. You can learn how to set up a company and how to make deals. How to package and sell deals and so many things in detail. If you want to know how to become a Youtuber then you have the best chance to learn because it is in the deal selling masterclass. It has a bunch of things to teach you. The price of the course is 995 including documents. The physical version is for 1995. Physically you have more benefits to explore and see how we do package and sell deals. You will definitely enjoy and get attracted because of the proper environment and networking. You will realize then that the cost of this course is worth it. We provide you all in one. This is the most expensive version of my courses . Many other websites are also offering and some are offering cheaper than us but they will sell you expensive deals however we educate you each and everything and help you to work in the environment to develop your interest more. Our training is outclassed and you will surely love it.


Buy, Refurbish, Refininance Masterclass 

In this course you will learn how to find a property below market and how to apply the strategies. How to raise the value of the property then how to refinance it. The stuff in the program structure will amaze you as we have lots of things to teach you in this course. The list is quite long if you visit the website. There are parts of the auction about how to buy pre-auction, auction and post auction land. You can also see there is also some stuff related to real estate agents like to deal with them and all. This training program cost you 995 for five weeks. The purpose of this training is that when you end-up this course you will get a deal. That’s how it is organized. The physical version cost the same as others which is 1995. 


What is Academy

Now coming to this part, you will find three portions on the website there are three portions which says Samuel365, eAcademy and Academy. 

  • On full academy which is for 11,995 including vat, you will get all of the courses here. It includes online and physical both are available as you can see the list mentioned under it. It has unlimited mentoring and coaching which means whenever you are stuck at any point you can contact me directly or mentors who are certified financially free. It is available for 12 months. There will be a mastermind session weekly for you and on a daily basis you can have a success routine to settle yourself to be a good property investor. You can also spend two days with me to have accelerated coaching and mentoring. We will make business plans and other things. So, basically this is the complete or full version to avail. You can google our website and read the reviews on trustpilot you will see we have done great and every review is genuine. WE are rated with 4.5 stars which I think is really good. 
  • The e-Academy works only for online versions. You don’t need to vsit my house for any mentoring or coaching but with just little investment you can educate yourself sitting at home. It is for 4995 which is not much because if you avail all of the training individually then you have to spend money from both hands. So, what we have brought for you is we have combined all of the training (you can also go through the list) in just a limited amount. 

Our training is value for money and if you are interested in any of our training so you need to book a call with a training advisor. You can visit the website where all the investment and other details are available and it has also an option to talk to an advisor for further information. So, just click the request to call back bar, put your details in the form, request to call and you can chat to our training advisors. 


Wind Up!

This is all for today. Hope you find this video helpful and if you want to educate yourself about property investment, don’t waste your time to join my academy and get property trained. I must say you will realize the worth of these courses once you get into it. Till then take care and do subscribe to my YouTube channel. See you in the next video!


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Please note the following: The prices stated in the video are subject to change at any time and this video was published in April 2021. The content of our training courses can change and we may update the names of the courses as well as the content or / and what is entailed in the programme. The contracts within our training manuals can be purchased separately and are currently £500 per Contract and Manual Pack.

These can be used and tweaked at your discretion, but whenever buying any property you must always have a solicitor and must not rely on these contracts as they are for informational purposes not to be relied on for anything else. Our training has helped hundreds of people become successful in property but we cannot guarantee any results. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it requires hard work alongside the training to get results.

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