The Truth About Being a Millionaire

Samuel Leeds

The Truth About Being a Millionaire

I went to the very top of Mount Snowden as everyone was queuing to get to the very top of the mountain. Something really interesting is that, the reason I wanted to get to the top of mount Snowden is because I wanted to experience the view but it was so cloudy I couldn’t see a thing.

The really interesting thing is that, on the way up to the top of this mountain, there are some crazy good views, like amazing and breathtaking views. But I was also busy about trying to get to the top I actually missed the views. 


When I get to the top, it’s exactly how it was with my property business. 

I remember when I was like, I just want to become financially free in property. That's it. I just want to become financially free as that was my only goal.  And then I got there. And in the same way as when you think you're always at the top of the mountain, it's like, oh, it's not the top!

Even the guys queuing to get to the very top, they become financially free in and started wondering, What's the next thing after becoming a millionaire? 

Actually, you know what? It doesn't feel that great and kind of feels the same. When you look back, you realize that, the best views and the best experiences were actually while you were walking up the mountain to get there. 

Samuel Leeds

Some of the best times in my life when I was broke and didn't have any money I now feel like those were some of the best days of my life.

My message is, if you're a fan of me, you watch my YouTube videos, read my blog, and are trying to become financially free in property, just take a step right away

You know, I'm twenty-nine years old and I'm happy. Do I have a good life? Yeah. Is it great being financially free? Yeah. Is it great helping people do decide? Yeah, it is. But you know what, some of the best days were actually on the way up and I found that people just generally like saying those were the days they really enjoyed the most.

It's really important to just take a step where you are right now and just enjoying where you're at right now, because it's being at the top can be like this.

Everybody at the moment is telling me that serviced accommodation is really struggling so I just figured that I could drive to Wales and get a hotel at the last minute but ended up having to go to one of my houses, which I thought was empty, but it wasn't empty.

There was a lovely family there and so I decided to crash in the living room with my friends.

So the lesson is, these are the days not those were the days, not these will be the days. These are the days therefore, enjoy the present.


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