The UGLY TRUTH About Russell Brand

Recently, the mainstream media has published allegations against comedian Russell Brand. These allegations relate to claims of sexual assault and rape. Many people are talking about these reports, and people have asked me what I think about the topic. I recently made a video for my YouTube channel explaining my views on the matter. You can watch the full video above.

There is a lot I need to say about this, as this goes way beyond Russell Brand as a single individual. This is about important truths that are shaping our society. If you want to get my full view on the matter, make sure to watch the video until the end. In this article, I will explain my view on the case, the wider context and potentially why Brand is facing these claims right now.

1. Innocent until proven guilty

The media often print allegations against people that are totally unproven. They hide behind anonymous sources and selective presentation of facts to tarnish a targets' reputation. The legal standard is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and I think it should become much more of the social standard too.

Anyone can make an accusation against someone, and the media filters those claims through their own biases and agendas. Particularly where the alleged activity is serious, quoting an anonymous source isn’t enough information for the public to assess the evidence themselves. We should wait for a court to rule before making any judgements against Russell.

2. Cancel culture

Adding to the media’s commercial agenda to put out sensational stories to pull in an audience, there is also the targeting of people whose views challenge the current political narrative. We have seen time and time again that when someone has views that do not align with the current agenda, they are branded with terms like ‘conspiracy theorist’. Sometimes, when that fails, they are subject to these types of criminal allegations as well.

Russell Brand worked with mainstream media for many years. In all that time they didn’t publish any claims of this severity about him. But something changed. He started calling them out and talking against powerful elite interests. Now suddenly stories from many years ago are dug up!

3. Enemies in high places

Russell Brand has been talking about everything from COVID lockdowns to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset on his YouTube channel. The mainstream media have attempted to discredit him, but his influence continues to grow. Now they have moved to publishing sexual assault claims against him. Even the recent Channel 4 documentary about these allegations mention his ‘conspiracy theories’, perhaps pointing towards the true agenda of their programme.

When you speak out, you gain enemies in high places. So it is especially important to give the benefit of the doubt to dissident voices such as Russell. We should all be sceptical of media reports and demand that claims be proven before we believe them. When the media publish allegations, particularly from anonymous sources, we shouldn’t take their word for it. We have the power to think for ourselves and make our own minds up! Let’s use that power.

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