They said we couldn’t have children.

Samuel Leeds

They said we couldn’t have children.


Hello everyone. I, Samuel Leeds and my wife Amanda welcome you all to our show. Today, we will discuss every aspect of the surrounding such as money, marriage and life. We were getting some really weird and blood-boiling questions from many people, so we decided to make a video and answer those burning questions. 

There is so much negativity evolving in the minds, so we thought of giving some advice on how to suppress the negative thoughts and inculcate positivity in the society. It’s a tough time where we all need each other's support and motivation. Degrading anyone would not help any of us as well as the society to prosper. 

We also chit chat about our first date so you will definitely enjoy our video. Let’s begin.

Property Progress

Me and Amanda had a very busy last week where we went to different properties. It was a very adventurous type of visit as we had been in different environments and this was really amazing as we explored differently. This time we are at Ribbesford house. The great news is that we have put two offers forward. The properties are located in a well-reputed area. We have off-market deals in the area we live, which is Beckon. 

This week we also went to my student Patricia’s service accomodation. It was located in Cumria in a lake district and it was really nice staying there. It gave a home feel and was also quite spacious. We loved being there, although it was only two days that we stayed for but it was worth it. It was my first guest appearance in my student’s house so I feel proud of my students. They are working really hard and getting superb deals. It cost 900 pounds per night for a stay in Patricia service accommodation property and people are paying and staying. Too good!

Question/Answer Session


In our show, which is the Samuel and Amanda show, we get questions from you and then we answer them all. so, let’s start and see what we have today on the table. 


  • A person named Curtis Richards asked a question: He says, I am suffering from depression and anxiety and working on myself to get over this and I have managed to be better so his question was how we tackle and cater to the negativity in our surroundings and the negative atmosphere which definitely triggers us? Amanda said that never make yourself fall in this negative situation, always try to get out or get away from this. Because obviously negativity only brings unwanted circumstances and mind disturbance that leads you nowhere but towards destruction. Negativity will surely come in your way but you have learned how to tune out from this, if you are feeling not good about something or that doesn’t make you happy, so distance yourself immediately. Make things easier for you and surround yourself with an environment where you don’t feel suffocated. I asked Amanda to share her friend’s negative words that he said to Amanda which is: ‘you wouldn’t have kids by the age of 30.’ 


This was the time when Amanda was single and we just started dating only. We all were sitting and having discussion about life goals so Amanda said that she wanted to have kids in her twenties, to which her friend said that no you won’t. It hurt her feelings obviously and maybe for many it was a little thing but for Amanda it was something big because that’s her goal and that is what she wanted to achieve and everyone is sharing their life goals so nobody has the right to pass such negative comments. So, Amanda said that this is what I want to get and you might not find it cool or whatever but I really wish to have that. And see here we are happily married with three kids and Amanda is just 28 years old now. Hence, goals achieved. It happened to me as well when some guy came up to me in the street randomly and said that you will not have kids. I was surprised that what he was saying came from nowhere to me and I didn’t even know him and he just spoke that sentence. 


Maybe he was pushing towards a fight or something like that. I didn’t understand that literally because we didn’t even knock ourselves and nothing would happen that made him say this. I thought to say something bad to shut his mouth but I let it go. I didn’t react and I think this is the best answer sometimes to stay quiet and be kind to break the negative vibes. People pass nasty words to you but sometimes you don’t have to dwell on it. Don’t think about what someone says bad about you, just drop the thoughts and cut off from the vibes that disturb your peace of mind. Me and Amanda face lots of hasty stuff in online comments. They literally said trash. They don’t care about anyone’s feelings just hitting the keyboard with harsh words. Even when my wife is pregnant, people used to say that you will have a miscarriage. I mean what? Why do they have so much hatred for a person who hasn't done any harm to you? How do you even say that for no reason? The only way is to not listen and focus on them. Just stay in your circle which makes you happy. Disconnect yourself from those negative surroundings but sometimes there are people in your family from whom you can’t disconnect with, so the better way to spend less time with them. Spend two hours rather than two days. 


  • Alright, the next question is: tell us about yourself, how you both met and what happened on your very first date? Interesting question. Okay then let’s start with the proper context. Amanda was born in Harare Zimbabwe but she is living in Leeds  and see that’s the first connection. 


When she told me that I am living in Leeds, I was surprised as it’s my name also. Cool. So, our first date actually didn’t happen because there was Miley Cyrus as she was on her banger’s tour and I called Amanda and said, ‘Would you like to go with me to the concert?’ She thought someone had deceived me to go with me so I am asking in replacement of that person but from my perspective I actually wanted her to go with me and spent some time. But it didn't happen. Well, I didn’t stop there, after a few days I called her and said: ‘Hey, I’ll be in Manchester so would you like to have a meetup?’ To this she agreed and we spent a whole day together. Like we had breakfast, lunch and then dinner. It was a piccadilly garden in Manchester where we met and then we went first for the coffee at Cafe Nero. The moment when Amanda fell in love with me was when she came to see me in the car parking and there he saw my striped shirt which really attracted her. I used to wear these types of clothes, strepy shirts. 


Before our wedding, I called her and asked some sort of random questions like where you see yourself in terms of relationship. She was like she wanted to build a relationship with the Lord and find herself with the Lord and want some time to be better. I thought she was indirectly saying no to me and putting me in a friend's zone. 


We spent a whole day on our first date without any romance but we were getting to know each other and I was developing a thought that Amanda wants to be friends and not more than that. When we said goodbye finishing up our date, Amanda gave me a hug and I just tapped her back because I was confused. And Amanda was expecting some tight hug or a kiss from me. But it felt like a friend vibes. We both started liking each other in our hearts but thinking that it’s just a friendship. We then started talking on the phone all night, a few meetups because of the long distance and it ended up in our marriage. Happy ending!


  • Moving on to the third question. A person asked: ‘I have two daughters and I am a single dad. I want to get married but I don’t want my kids to think I am replacing their mother. Should I wait until they are teenagers? Well, I would say No! Why would you wait if you are a single dad? I am just stating my opinion that you have the right to live your life. Ofcourse, you have kids, you have to nurture them but they also want a mother who cares for them. 


Like my parents got divorced when I was in school and my mom got into a relationship with my teacher which really shocked  me but as soon as I realized that he is my dad’s replacement and he is not harsh to me. Even taking care of me and my mom then what’s the reason for not accepting him? I know It takes time to accept but if it is for good then there is no harm. What matters is the respect, love and care that brings us closer and as long as everyone is happy and satisfied then it is good to go. Amanda also agreed to my opinion. Maybe many of you don’t agree with this but it is just my opinion and do remember that I am a property coach and not a relationship adviser. 


  • The next question asked was: What is the difference between the property millionaire and a net millionaire? When me and Amanda met I was a property millionaire. When all your assets except debts and liabilities are equal to a million pounds, this is called a net millionaire. You are not a millionaire if you got millions of pounds of property and have thousands of pounds worth of mortgages. You have got debts that do not make you a millionaire. I had a portfolio worth a million pounds but I was not a millionaire because I had a lot of mortgages. I became a millionaire when we got married and we did lots of deal sourcing and selling deals every day. It was really a tough time. We made a portfolio and rented out and it helped us to be financially secured but still we were not cash millionaires. We kept on our struggle, sold many deals and made profit and it’s been six years since our wedding. Here we are standing successfully. 


Wrap Up!

I asked my wife to say some words of wisdom but she was not prepared and felt a bit shy. Well I would say that surround yourself with good people and let go of the negativity. It only disturbs the peace of mind so, better to stay happy, lively and focus on positivity. I hope you enjoyed the video and had a good time with us. I must say that you should find a partner that supports you in every step. Keep showering your love and do me a favour by hitting the bell icon of my Youtube channel. Take care, bye!


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