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Hey everyone! I am Samuel Leeds and welcome to my channel. Today, I will discuss what happened with me. I was really upset and it should not have happened. It was related to TikTok as I had uploaded one of my videos where I was explaining how to buy a house for 24,000 thousand pounds and TikTok banned my video labelling it as ‘Illegal.’ Well, I can’t do anything with that but I want to share tips and information about what I am telling to people about how it is possible for £24,000 to buy a house  and get 10,000 thousand pounds paid back. So, I thought of sharing it here on my Youtube channel. Let’s see what happened with my video and learn some property guidance as well. 


Banned Video and Inside Content

This began when I went to my student house named Nazi. She is from Zimbabwe. She bought a house for £24,000 which is quite strange for me, so I thought to visit her with Darwin and see if it’s true or not. She is my great student, I helped her to become financially free and she really amazed me when I heard about this house. She is doing BRR (Buy Refurbish Refinance) deals and she bought a house at a price of £24,000 and then she spent 2k for refurbishing. Then she pushed the value up and refinanced fifty grand. I discussed it on TikTok and nobody believed it because it really was a surprising thing. Then I decided to visit her and see the receipts and all to show people that it is true. 

When me and Darwin went to her house, there were tenants whom I asked how much they are paying rent and they said 400 pounds a month. Then I met Nazi and her husband and asked to show me the title deeds and everything was true. They bought it for £24,500 and then I made TikTok to show receipts to everyone. 

The receipts were clearly saying that they bought this house on 25th of November, 2020 for the same price that I have been talking about. They got a loan for T-side money which is 37 and  a half pounds. They pulled out all their money, 12 and a half minus their refurb let's say 10 grand. This is brilliant. Darwin was making the where I was showing all the receipts but then what happened? TikTok removed the video. When I appealed and asked TikTok why you removed my video. It said it was an illegal activity. I mean what’s illegal in that video? I was not explaining any illegal ways of buying a house or anything like that then what was the purpose to delete it? 

What I want to tell TikTok is, this is the way rich people make money. Property dealers and investors become successful after using these strategies. McDonald’s is a great example. They build cheap restaurants and put the tenants in by pushing the value up. This is called BRR (Buy Refurbish Refinance). Many big names such as Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardon and James Khan talked about his very first deal in his book. So when they did this strategy everything was all okay but as soon as the ordinary poor people like Nazi who started doing it, they labled as Illegal or scam. How can it be illegal? It is a strategy which rich people are also applying. Then why can’t other people do it? It’s not illegal and I have even shown proof in the form of receipts. 

So, this has nothing to do with any illegal activity and these are investment and money making strategies.

Wrapping Up!

Well, I hope you understand what I have shown in my TikTok video and there is nothing wrong and illegal in it. I wanna say it to TikTok to expand their knowledge and make your platform helpful for people. I also want to say this to all of you people who are watching me that do not stop doing your strategies like BRR. 

They really help you grow in property business if done rightly with knowledge and information. Hope you like the video. Do hit the subscribe button of my Youtube channel. Take care, bye!

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