Tips for work life balance

Tips for work life balance

Dr. Ryan Rieder is a chiropractor and a property entrepreneur. He sat down with our property legend, Samuel Leeds to discuss tips for work life balance. If you are looking for tips for work life balance, it's probable that you are feeling burned out. Maybe, you are overloading yourself and working hard rather than smart. One of the best ways to keep things balanced is by having a team around you to help. By attending one of our crash courses and proceeding to the advanced training, you'll learn exactly how to do that. Samuel will even lend you some of his contacts, if you're lucky. Having the right people around you as you work means you're not spinning every plate.

As an entrepreneur you're always looking for shortcuts, to push boundaries, you need people who can guide you and keep you within the lines. As an entrepreneur you need to be a problem solver, not a problem finder. You do need people who are the pessimists though, they will find the issues. If you haven't got advisors around you such as accountants and solicitors, you need to build that network up. They allow you to be crazy and take massive action.

Another tip is to take time out because it's actually productive. A lot of people think they have to just knuckle down and never let themselves breathe. The reality is they take breaks all the time and are largely unproductive. Albert Einstein said genius happens in leisure time. Sometimes you get so caught up in your business, you neglect to give yourself sufficient thinking time. Samuel went on holiday before Christmas and completely let his hair down. Spending £35,000, his family had an amazing time. It gave his subconscious mind a chance to come up with some crazy new ideas. Since then, he has created a new business plan for 2020 (and shared it with you guys) and he has produced a new book.

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