What do Footballers do with their money?

Well, we certainly can't speak for all of them but recently Samuel Leeds caught up with promising young striker, Adi Yussuf. Working his way up the leagues, this goalscorer signed for Blackpool and his quality of opposition isn't the only thing that got upgraded. Like all sportspeople (and in fact, this applies to most career paths), the further they progress and the bigger the competition, the more money they get paid. Football clubs must keep up with the demand of the market or players will simply be snapped up by rivals.

A lot is often made of Footballers' wages but once they've received their earnings, do we ever look into what happens after? Where does the money go? Adi chooses to keep his head in the business world and has invested in properties. He has also secured joint venture opportunities where a partner provides the skill, time and effort while he brings cash-flow and connections to the table.

It doesn't matter what profession you're in, you can always learn from other people. Smart Footballers will diversify their revenue streams early because they know they can't play forever and eventually that wage will stop arriving. The same can apply for most people in their careers, it's important to have some versatility and increase the number of income avenues you have.

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