What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What The Heck Is Going On? – Samuel Leeds

What’s going on these days? The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, we don’t know where we’re allowed, where we’re not allowed; what’s going to happen?

I ask Dr. John Demartini his perspective of what’s going to happen next. Let’s see what he had to say about everything.

Dr. Demartini’s Perspective on the Current Situation

Dr. Demartini: You know, every few centuries or decades, there are natural phenomena, epidemics; in this case, a pandemic. There will be a loss of lives, and there will be strengthened immune systems. We will learn new things about biology and new things about the immune system. We will face challenges in life, and as we face challenges, we grow. As Bucky Fuller said, “Pollution is a future solution.”

Samuel Leeds

We go through challenges and find innovative and creative solutions to overcome them. I would say an inability to cope with outside change causes distress. Distress comes from the loss of what you see. A lot of people are depressed because they're comparing the reality, which is happening right now, to their fantasy, of what was and what should have been. Depression is feedback to let you know that you are expecting unrealistic expectations. So, whatever is happening right now, I think it is going to strengthen human beings and make them more innovative and creative.

Online businesses have boomed and strengthened. Amazon is boomed; the old dinosaur type of businesses are going out. That is nothing but evolution itself. The people that have foresight are going to get a boom, and the people with hindsight are going to get bust. This is how evolution works, and I don't see anything here other than normal evolution taking place.

We will learn more about psychology, health, physiology, immune system, business, etc. It’s only going to make us more efficient.

Samuel: During the last few months of the lockdown, when we thought it was going to be here for a while until things got better, and I remember thinking to myself how people would cope. People have lost their jobs; they are stuck at home, mostly home alone, businesses have crashed, etc. How do you think it will affect depression in people?

Dr. Demartini: Well, it depends on the individual. It doesn't matter what happens on the outside; what matters is what you're going to do with it. You only have control of your perception, decisions, and actions. You don't have control over what happens in the world. And if you start thinking about how you can use what is going on right now to your greatest advantage, and answer that question, you can change your reality. People come to me with their story, and I stop them in the middle and ask them, “How is it helping you achieve what you want in life?” And they say that they never thought about it. I tell them to think about it! It's all about your attitude. If you change your perception and take actions towards achieving your goals in life and to benefit the greatest number of people here for the fairest exchange, you can fulfill your life goals. So, it doesn’t matter what’s happening on the outside, as long as what is inside is great enough to inspire you to take action and fulfill your life goals.

A Final Word

Some great words by Dr. Demartini about what’s going on these days.

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