Why it’s important to keep learning

It's Sunday! That means your questions are going to get answered. Our very own property pioneer, Samuel Leeds takes time out of his schedule to provide you with as much value as possible. Have you ever left a comment on our YouTube? If you've got something you want advice on or there's a particular topic relating to entrepreneurship/ property investment which you want clearing up, post a question and maybe next week yours will be chosen!

You must keep educating yourself so you stay on top of your game and ahead of the curve!
On this episode, one of the questions which Samuel covers is perhaps the most basic yet most integral one which we all have on our minds – how to make money in property! Can you predict what Samuel's response might be?

Another interesting question was about managing serviced accommodation when you don't live near it. Many of you will be involved in serviced accommodation – do you live near to it? How do you take care of cleaning and getting the property ready for new guests? Samuel gives his opinion on this and much more in this video.

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