Winner of The Eviction living in the lap of luxury !

samuel leeds

Winner of The Eviction living in the lap of luxury!

Joint winner of The Eviction 2020, Evans Willie, is living the high life after Property Investors’ founder Samuel Leeds helped him become financially free in just a week. Evans moved from his girlfriend’s parents’ house, where he shared a single bed in a tiny room, to a stunning apartment block with panoramic views over London and a swimming pool and gym for residents. Since then, the former security guard says he has made £37,000 from property in three months through selling deals to investors and rent-to-rents. 


Evans beats hundreds of hopefuls to take part in Apprentice-style contest

When Evans was selected for The Eviction, which took place in December, he was unemployed with little hope of bettering himself. He posted a message on social media, saying one of the most stressful things in life was finance and he was ‘sick and tired of it.’

In fact, the young dad was so depressed at not being able to succeed in life that he had even contemplated suicide, just a few months before, at the start of lockdown.

“It felt like everything I was trying wasn’t working. I was asking myself what else can I do? I’ve got a son. I was always saying I’d be successful but doubting I would be,” Evans recalls.

Luckily, his girlfriend Ellen pulled him out of his despondency and encouraged him to lose weight. He went on a diet and every day they worked out together. Their regime paid dividends. Within two months, he lost 22 kilos.

“I thought if I can lose that weight in two months, what can I not do?”

With a renewed vigour and enthusiasm, Evans applied for The Eviction after watching Samuel’s YouTube videos while being forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus. He was shortlisted and then selected on the basis of a video from 500 hopefuls across the UK.


It turned out to be his ticket to a new life. Evans joined nine other contestants for Property Investors’ Apprentice-style contest and went through rigorous training to compete in a series of challenges.


Finally, he emerged victorious with two other budding entrepreneurs. The tantalising prize was to be made financially independent in just seven days with the help of multi-millionaire property trainer Samuel Leeds.


Samuel has become famous for his financial freedom challenges. He personally proved that he could start from scratch with no funds and make enough in one week from property to pay all his bills. Since then, he has helped others to achieve the same independence.


Evans, who originally comes from Saint Lucia, had to put the work in, describing the week as both ‘intense and exhausting.’ 


Unlike Samuel, who began with nothing for his venture, Evans had the princely sum of £23 in his bank account when he set out on the 7-day Rags to Riches Property Challenge.


‘I’ve made £25,000 already from deal sourcing’


The secret to his success was planning, Evans says.


“We had a plan as to what we really wanted to get out of the challenge and stuck to that plan. That first day we painted a picture of what the end was going to look like. We forced it to happen.”


Then Evans and his mentor visited estate agents together to find rent-to-rent deals. They also approached vendors directly through the Gumtree website. By the end of the week, Evans had two rent-to-rents in London under his belt which would give him a steady, monthly income.


The two of them then went to Liverpool to start packaging and selling property deals to investors. In Samuel’s words, this went ‘ridiculously well.’ This was no exaggeration. During the week, Evans made £9,000 from selling deals to investors and has gone on to earn £16,000 from deal sourcing alone.


Evans credits the training he received in deal selling for his success. He also completed all of Samuel’s other courses and then had the benefit of working alongside his guru for a week.


As someone born in the Caribbean, he was used to ‘hustling’ and is a natural salesperson, but what he learnt from Samuel was to get the investor to do the selling. Evans always questions potential customers when qualifying them as a suitable investor for his deals. That way Evans doesn’t have to do the selling.


“I ask them what their current situation is, after they’ve asked about my prices, and suddenly they’re saying I’ve got a mortgage, I’ve got x amount in the bank, I can afford this deal.


“It’s a complete paradigm shift from what I thought deal selling was to actually what it is.”


Evans’ journey to financial freedom was documented in a video. The highlight was his big reveal to Ellen that the fabulous apartment she thought was Samuel’s was actually her new home – and they would have a double bed for the first time!


His road to riches, however, was not without its trials and tribulations. Evans suffered an extreme case of racism, captured on camera, when a property owner refused to let him into her house saying she only trusted ‘English people.’ Ironically, she was foreign herself, but said her partner was English.


“It’s happened to me so many times. It still happens to me now. I used to downplay it but now I don’t. Now if someone’s being racist, I say what you’re doing is not right.”


Evans adds: “You can choose to be a victim and always complain that happened to me or you can use that to motivate you to be a victor. Yes, there are going to be obstacles. It’s not going to be a smooth ride to become successful.”


Samuel was shocked by the incident and called the woman out for her behaviour, telling her they would be unable to do business with her.


Evans appreciated the way the Property Investors’ chairman addressed the issue, saying it gave him confidence and really helped him.


Overall, the financial freedom challenge dramatically transformed his and his girlfriend’s fortunes. They now live in a two-bedroom apartment and are enjoying the trappings of wealth. They also have the use of a sauna and a Jacuzzi, and can relax in a sky lounge with a spectacular vista of the capital.


Ellen was also able to quit her job soon after the challenge finished to run their rent-to-rent business, freeing up her partner to source deals.


‘Seven days of magic that changed my life’


“That was seven days of magic that really changed every single thing in my life. I’m so grateful to Samuel,” Evans says.


He still has the two rent-to-rents – one of which he obtained two months before embarking on the financial freedom quest. One is fully tenanted. The other one has two vacant rooms which Ellen is in the process of fill. 


Meanwhile, Evans is planning a joint venture with Ellen’s father to buy, refurbish and refinance a house after persuading him to invest £100,000 in the project. Evans found a house during his week with Samuel, but they were outbid. So, Evans is now looking for another deal. 


He is also busy searching for deals he can sell to investors and has a ‘huge development in the pipeline.’


A lot of his investors are people he knows – people who previously he didn’t realise had cash to invest in property. The video of his challenge with Samuel helped give him credibility and brought him into new investors too. He also makes sure he tells everyone what he does.


As a compliant deal sourcer, a lot of his time is spent in the north of the country where he is now intending to get a base. He can then stay there during the week and return to London for the weekends.


The biggest challenge he faced after his week with Samuel was getting the rent-to-rent properties tenanted in a national lockdown, with some people reluctant to come on viewings. 


“Some of the tenants paid a deposit and then changed their mind at the last minute. That was a punch in the stomach, but I’m used to that. I knew I had to just keep going.


A couple of deals, which he sold, fell through too, but not because there was anything wrong with them, he stresses. One investor changed his mind and the other one wanted his money back to plough into a bigger deal. 


Evans’ reason for going into property was to help Ellen because she has been so supportive to him. Having achieved that, his mission now is to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.


He has already become a member of the Samuel365 online advice panel, sitting alongside Property Investors mentors.


His Financial Freedom Challenge has also turned him into something of a celebrity in the property world.


Two security guards stopped him in a supermarket the other day and asked him if he was the person in the Samuel Leeds’ YouTube video.


“I laughed because about ten months ago during lockdown I was working as a security guard in a store. I saw Anthony Joshua and wanted to take a picture of him. I felt what they felt when they saw me.


“I told them: I promise you I was exactly where you are a few months ago. They had been to the crash course. I said just take action and see how it works.”


Evans’ advice


  • It’s good to have vision and goals, but at some point you need to put yourself out there and get training. That’s the difference to me six months ago. I’m no less passionate or hungry but now I’m motivated in the right direction. I’ve got the training and a clear vision.


  • Have a plan, get a mentor and follow exactly what they’ve done. I’ve been in the country since 2013. I’ve still got an accent and no family here. If I can do it, anybody can.


  • Every opportunity means preparation. Pay £1 to come to the Property Investors Crash Course. If you want to go a step above, find the money and do the training.


Samuel Leeds’ verdict


“I gave Evans a break and helped him, but everything he’s achieved is ultimately down to him and his girlfriend who supported him. The reason I chose to do this challenge with Evans was because I believed in him as a person. I saw his work ethic which was through the roof. He has shown commitment and persistence to get where he is.


“Before, when his young son came to stay, Evans had to sleep on the floor. Now he has a spare room for him to stay in, in a beautiful apartment with amazing views and is making multiple thousand pounds a month with his rent-to-rents. I love seeing people win. I did the challenge for the pure satisfaction. It was a fabulous week and one I’ll never forget.”

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