Financially Free by Watching YouTube Videos | Winners on a Wednesday #24

Nathan Winch has seen a rapid rise in the property investor’s ladder. He has done this not taking the conventional route.  Nathan’s journey started after deciding to sell his self-employed medical business to the NHS.

Using the money generated from this he invested in a few buy-to-lets.  A friend introduced him to the content of Samuel Leeds. He then proceeded to watch Samuel’s videos on his YouTube channel Nathan quickly begun to realize his investments execution was flawed.

He then calculated his current ROI using Samuel’s method of working out he soon realized he wasn’t making a great return.  Nathan decided to hit reset on his property investment. He did this by refinancing his current buy-to-lets using the money from this to start again.

Continuing his self-education Nathan wanted to try out a new strategy which was lease options agreements. Just off the YouTube videos and following Samuel’s strategies alone he was able to secure 4 lease options. He has been able to make £3,000 a month which gives him a passive income of £1,700 per month.

Nathan’s added approach of LOA’s has helped push his property portfolio to a new level. The lease option agreement strategy results in taking the property from a landlord. Who may be tired of being a landlord and doesn’t want the headache of the property anymore. Nathan will have the option to purchase the property for a set price.  In the meantime he will rent it out and keep all of the return. A fee will then be paid to the owner during the period of the lease.

After already amassing a decent sized portfolio through the property investors YouTube videos Nathan decided to take on more advanced training this included the deal selling master class with Alasdair Cunningham.  At this course, he was able to sell a deals worth £13,000 in one day through.

Still expanding his LOA portfolio Nathan has just completed on a property in Newcastle. 4 bedroom with an option to purchase in 10 years for £100,000. This property will bring in £450 per month in rental income.

A key to his success Nathan points to his education. Always looking to gain a better understanding of property and the ever-changing landscape that is property. This in part is one of the reasons he has recently joined the property investors academy in order to learn more.

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