Your questions answered by Samuel Leeds

It's Sunday, property people! You know what that means? There's a chance for your questions to get answered by our legend, Samuel Leeds. If you have something on your mind, a problem that's puzzling you, a conundrum you can't wrap your cranium around – pop it in the section below the video on YouTube. Next week, your issue might get solved. Got questions? Comment in the section below the video.

Here are a few questions which got answered on this episode:

How do you compartmentalise risk when you first start out?

Samuel says risk becomes a heavier burden the more successful you get, simply because you have more to lose. Don't let anybody fool you though – nothing is ever risk-free, even if you're just starting out. You have to look at offers and opportunities with logic and reason, not fear and emotion. The first thing Samuel looks at is ROI. Then, he examines the best case, worst case and most likely case. You can do the same and weigh them up to figure out whether the project is worth going for. If the answer is yes, you should have exit strategies in place in case the worst case arises. A good way to ascertain the best course of action, is to ask yourself “What would I advise my best friend, if they were asking me about this?”


What did you learn from Grant Cardone?

Having met him a few times already, Samuel visited Miami to be mentored on a one-to-one basis by Grant Cardone. The biggest takeaway for our property powerhouse, was the art of leveraging other people's money to make your projects come alive. Grant is a master of using other people's capital and he operates on a level not many others are – that's why he is one of the very few people who Samuel would pay for mentorship.


What inspires you to do more than settle?

Samuel says that his success has been amazing but what feels better is significance. His importance, his stature and his impact on people's lives – changing the fortunes of those who attend his workshops and events, transforming the mindsets of those who tune into his channel. It's about giving back and the energy which comes from it – that's his key driver.


What's the best city to invest in?

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