5 Ways to INCREASE Your Property Valuation

Ever wonder what’s the best way to maintain or even boost the value of your property?

Especially after you’ve refinanced it and pulled your money back out? Then today’s video is perfect for you.

Samuel dissects the 5 ways to boost the value of your property.

Below are the key highlights:

  • Preparation. Meet your surveyor at the property be early and dress smartly.
  • Honesty can get you far. Speak freely but honestly let the surveyor know your intentions.
  • Let the surveyor know the improvements that you’ve done to the property.
  • It’s easy for a surveyor to forget you. They view hundreds of homes so making information packs can help keep you at the front of their minds.
  • Prepare for the worst don’t put all your hopes into thinking that you’ll get the valuation you expect.

Surveyors play a huge role in the getting a higher valuation everyone seeks. To find out why tune in!

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