A Millionaires Paradise

When you’re a multi-millionaire with loads of cash to burn it’s only natural that investing in high-end properties is the way to go. That could mean spending on luxury resort homes or million-pound complex estates in exotic areas.

There are various tactics that real estate agents and developers use in order to entice people to part with their cash just because they have it doesn’t always guarantee that they are going to spend it. 

The “Try Before You Buy” method which over the years has been common with timeshare agents. Is being used in the second home market, this tactic has proven successful for home buyers and provides them with a sense of security. 

Over in the states before the housing bubble burst millionaires where more than happy to part with their cash on properties or future developments that hadn’t broken ground yet.  Families are now viewing resort properties as a long-term investment something that will last for decades.

Due to this fact they are becoming a lot more precise on how their money is being spent.  Looking into the finer aspects of all deals taking on the opinions from all family members’ even children who may one day become owners of the property.

Known property developer based in Maui called Montage Kapalua has been offering a try before you buy tactic on its homes that are listed between $1million and $20million.  They will arrange four nights in a range of $500 to $2,000 per night.

Also offered are tours of the local amenities, private dinners and cultural trips delving into the history of the location.  Montage claim to have at least a 50% success rate turning these trials into real buys.

All sales agents believe that offering this type of tailored made service to its high-end customers have created a thriving business model that is generating success.  Developer Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Mexico have sold seven homes in the price range of $2.7million to $7milion in the past 18 months using the try before you buy.  

Giving buyers the full perspective of what they are buying seeing it first hand and experiencing the environment that they are buying into all but helps seals a deal getting customers through the door is more than half the battle.  

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