AirBnB Have a HUGE Problem in 2021 | This Changes Everything!

Samuel Leeds

AirBnB Have a HUGE Problem in 2021 | This Changes Everything!

Hello this is Samuel Leeds. Today in this video I will discuss the problem that AirBnB is having in 2021. I will talk about how we can help them to bring people with properties. So, let’s start.

What AirBnB does?

AirBnB is sort of a hotel business but they don’t own any property. Anyone can list property on rent. For example, if I have any property and I list it down as a holiday purpose and rent it out. Like, I will list it to AirBnB and I will pay the rent monthly but won’t be living there instead I will further rent it out for a day, week or month on a website like AirBnB and charge accordingly. 

Issue of AirBnB in 2021

The owner of this business Brian Chesky wants lots of hosts like millions of new hosts for AirBnb. What I think the reason could be COVID as it is hitting hard to the world and people are staying home rather than enjoying holidays although they really want to have vacations. But unfortunately, no one can travel unnecessarily anywhere in the world. So, people are on staycation which is staying in their country but are moving within it and going on holidays for a stay in the hotels or houses which AirBnB and other websites are offering. This is great. But the problem is, there are less people with properties so what Brian Chesky is asking people is that if anyone owns a home, list it on AirBnB as a hotel and rent it out because he needs hosts. 


You can also list your property on AirBnB if you have. The cash flow will be far good on renting for holidays than renting it out to the tenants. Because tenants will give a specific amount every month and here you can earn daily, weekly or monthly, all depends on you. Renting out to guests will bring more profit and it will not bother you because guests will stay for a limited time and pay you on time but if tenants don’t pay and ask you every month to give them time, it will take so long to get rid of them and might take you to the court. Also guests don’t have any rights but tenants have. 


You guys must be thinking that renting to the guests will be more tiring as you have to clean and change beddings everytime the new guests arrive. So, No! You don’t have to do all the work but you have to make a system. I am giving a training program ‘Service Accommodation Intensive’ where I train people about systemizing houses like hotels. Like how you can make your house like a hotel and how it can work systematically. You don’t have to be there when guests arrive at your home for a vacation, put a key safe outside the door and email the code to the guest with a video telling how it works. There is no need of a big house to list on a website but you can also rent out your apartment too and if you don’t own that apartment, get it on rent for around five to six hundred pounds or even more less and further rent it out to the guests for staycation and earn the profit. AirBnB only charges two percent fee which is very small. 

Wrap Up!

This is the best way to earn in these difficult times where people are finding jobs and getting no response. So, if you own a property, list it down now and explore what it brings to you. AirBnB is giving opportunity because they need hosts, they need accommodation, so avail this chance. Once you start doing this, you will learn how to control the properties if you are renting from the landlord with a permission or an agreement for further renting to the guests. Try to make profit between 500 to 2000 pounds. Do the due intelligence and find the right area where the demand is high for staycation and become financially free. 

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