An unmissable Samuel Leeds podcast episode

This week on the Samuel Leeds podcast, Amelia and Samuel speak about influencers, investments and inspiration. If you're a first time listener to the Samuel Leeds podcast, you might be wondering what to expect – how could it be different to his usual content? Well, Amelia has the incredible knack of drawing information out of our property pioneer, the kind of intimate knowledge and insight which he doesn't usually reveal. On the Samuel Leeds podcast, you get a deeper look inside the workings of his brain and business.

It's no wonder that Amelia has found herself in a new position in the team as a Talent Manager – somebody who liaises with influencers for collaboration and helps book speaking engagements for Samuel. In order to perform those tasks successfully, a person would need to possess excellent relationship and rapport building skills as well as an ability to spot value. This makes Amelia the ideal person and you can get a glimpse of that in the Samuel Leeds podcast.

One of the topics discussed in this episode is the idea of bartering. Is it still okay to ask for a product or service in exchange for promotion? Samuel recalls the story of an influencer who asked a luxury hotel for a complimentary stay in exchange for promotion on his social media channels. The hotel were so livid they shamed him online with a screenshot and subsequently banned all such people from staying in their quarters ever again. A tad extreme, we think. At the end of the day, it's just about swapping value and if you don't ask, you don't get. Having said that Samuel knows from his own experience that you don't get as much value out of a product or service when you don't pay for it – you take it for granted, you don't appreciate it as much. This has happened in the past when he has allowed individuals to attend his programmes for free – a gesture which he doesn't offer out any more.

Additionally, in this episode of the Samuel Leeds podcast, the duo chat about prioritisation. Samuel mentions that his schedule his largely filled up with things that he enjoys doing. He loves meeting people, conducting training, making deals happen and doing YouTube videos – these are all things that make him happy so he makes sure there's lots of them in his diary. He believes that financial freedom is being able to do what you love because you want to do it. It's about choice.

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