Andrew Tate: Full Unseen Interview (UNRELEASED FOOTAGE)

You may have seen my interview with Andrew Tate on my YouTube channel last year. But there was one that I filmed before that one! It was my very first time meeting Top G and I didn’t know much about him at the time. We did this interview back in April 2021, but sadly he had to leave after 17 minutes because he had an emergency call, so we had to meet another time to reshoot. However, I still decided to put this original version out. Since this interview, I have lost a lot of weight thanks to Tate’s inspiration and guidance.

I highly recommend that you watch this original interview (above) as it contains very important information for anyone wanting to be successful in business. In this article, I will summarise 3 lessons you can learn from Andrew Tate’s unique perspective.

1. The rules are made to control the poor and protect the rich

Andrew Tate points out that rules and laws are used to control ordinary people, while the rich find ways around them. Anything that is punished by a fine can be done for a price. When money is no object, it is easy to choose what rules to obey. This covers everything from parking fines all the way up to big banks choosing to break the law (because they know they will profit more from doing so than they will be fined).

Of course, no one should break the law, but often there are options written into the law that allow the rich to get around normal restrictions. This is because the laws are written with the rich political donors in mind. When you have money, you have access to these options as well. You have the freedom to make choices that others do not. This is one reason to ensure you are on the right side of the wealth divide.

2. The system isn’t designed to help you succeed

The education system is designed to help create workers, not business people. They will offer you either an academic path or a vocational path. They will not offer you an entrepreneurship or investment path. This is fine if you want to be a worker, but if you want to be a business person, you will need to educate yourself.

A good place to start is by attending one of my £1 training events or learning from Andrew Tate’s training programmes. Unlike with traditional education, you will learn from people that have been successful in the real world and who can teach you how to get started. You can book a ticket here, act fast as tickets sell out quickly.

3. Being international gives you more choice

Another thing that Tate really recommends is to expand your citizenship and residencies once you are in a financial position to do so. He explained how having multiple passports allowed him to travel during lockdown and gave him greater freedom.

Expanding your business and investment internationally also allows you to spread your capital across multiple economies, thereby minimising risk. However, if you are not yet successful, focus on simply making money first. Once you make a sizeable amount of money, it is worth then considering these strategies.

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