Best Way To Invest 10k In Property 2024

Best Way To Invest 10k In Property 2024: In a recent video, I visited one of my student’s property deals. Danny secured a property in Birmingham for just £10,000 on a rent to rent basis. He is making £4,000-£5,000 clean profit each month by offering it as serviced accommodation! What’s more, he only spends around 2 hours a week managing the property, because he has all the correct systems in place. If you want to see exactly how he did it, step by step, please watch the full video at the top of the page!

If you are starting with a small pot of money, rent to rent is one of the best ways to bring in an outsized return. While it can take more work than a traditional buy-to-let, there are many ways to systematise the process. In this article, I will give you three reasons rent to rent is the best way to invest 10k in property!

1. Best Way To Invest 10k In Property: Rent To Rent Has A High ROI

If you only have a small pot of cash, you need to invest in something with a high return on investment (ROI). Investing in something that will bring in 5% per year just isn’t going to cut it! You need something that can make a meaningful difference in your life. Generally speaking, the more passive something is, the lower the ROI. However, there is a nice middle ground if you know where to look.

Rent to rent deals are a great example of that sweet spot. They can be insanely profitable, but they can also be reasonably passive, if you have the right systems in place. This is one reason that rent to rents are the best way to invest 10k in property!

2. Best Way To Invest 10k In Property: Rent To Rent Can Be Used To Raise Capital To Buy Your First House

In property, it makes sense to have two strategies: a ‘fast pound’ strategy and a ‘slow pound’ strategy. The ‘fast pound’ strategy brings in income, and the ‘slow pound’ strategy builds wealth. That means as you grow your income, you need to put aside money to invest. Over time, your investments will pay you passive income, which you can use to improve your lifestyle.

Rent to rent is a perfect ‘fast pound’ strategy. You can first replace your income with it, then expand and have enough money to put aside to invest. This money can be used for your first deposit on a rental property, and you can grow your portfolio from there!

3. Best Way To Invest 10k In Property: Rent To Rent Gives You Property Experience

If you haven’t got much capital, one way to get into property is to find a joint venture partner that does. This involves you doing the work of finding the deal and managing the property, while they put in the money and are hands-off. You will then get a share of the profits and any capital uplift. But if you don’t have any property experience, it can be hard to get an investor to trust you.

Rent to rent is a great way to get that experience. You can show a potential investor your portfolio of rent to rent properties that you manage, which will give them more confidence in your abilities! Use rent to rent as a springboard to bigger things!

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