British Landlord Association & Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

British Landlord Association & Samuel Leeds

Hi I am Samuel Leeds and in today’s YouTube video I will tell you about the interview I had with the CEO of the British Landlord Association. The interview was quite interesting as he explained everything in detail about BLA as a landlord. He told me its benefits and the services they give. So let’s begin.


What is British Landlord Association?

Starting an interview with the CEO about what is BLA and how it works, so, he said, the British Landlord Association was established four years ago with the aim to provide services that no association is coming up with. What makes BLA stand differently is that it is completely free to join and it is the only association which covers commercial as well as residential. He further explained residential in terms of legal documentation, it is easier to get advice but for commercial it is but difficult so that’s why he provides both in his association to have lawyers who can deal with it. Helping or advising their members. 


What Makes BLA Stand Firmly?

Talking about BLA, the CEO shared that the strength of BLA is the legal side because of having in-house lawyers. It is not like the chain that other landlords are advising other landlords. He said, they have well-experienced lawyers for commercial and residential to deal with the problems and advise properly. 


Why is the BLA is Formed? 

Coming to the next question, I asked the CEO to tell my members about why and what you do? He then shared that he became the landlord at the age of 18 and it’s been 38 years now in property and he is making good money. But experience made him reach this level and he said every person makes mistakes in a learning stage and that’s the beginning where he learns many things. He also added that motivation is necessary to encourage a person otherwise he may lose. This association is helpful in terms of telling people about the landlords who are not actually landlords, they should know the difference. 

Moving on I asked him about the services he gets being a member of BLA, to which he said, anyone who needs advice can connect to the helpline and speak to the lawyer.  Another support service one can avail is the taxation like if anyone wants tax advice they can have direct access to the accountant for free advice. Members have the chance to download the legal documents and go through it along with the template letter. Other services include, credit cheques, insurance on a discount basis. 

The CEO further elaborated that BLA is not established to make profit but to provide services on discount and members can source through us. He said, we charge for credit cheques because it has to go through procedure but it is still not a profit but a service. BLA also covers news in a newspaper regarding the residential and commercial sector of landlords all around the world. BLA has twenty seven thousand members right now. 


Challenges Landlords Face

We discussed the problems that usually occupy landlords and now it's 2021 so, I asked the CEO how he sees it and what challenges landlords have to face? He said, in this era there are different kinds of taxes that landlords have to go through. There is some legislation that is being unfair to them and associations like ours need to work on it. 

But he said that property is a good investment to have a good margin of profit, so it covers quite well. What I believe is every problem has a solution so problems regarding taxes also have ways to come out. 


Connection with Samuel

Talking about all the legal aspects of BLA, I then asked the CEO how he got to know about me? He responded that he saw my YouTube videos and he was quite impressed because he didn’t experience this when he started his property journey. He said, at my time there was no one to guide but now the work I am doing is great and education of property is so important. He appreciated the course I have been serving to people to make them aware about property. I said, it gives me satisfaction by helping people and making their direction to the right side. 


Wind Up!

Alright it was a nice conversation with the CEO of British Landlord Association. In the end I asked him to tell us how people can connect to BLA? He told us to visit the website and click where it says ‘Join’ and it will take you to a bar where you have to sign up for free. BLA is also active within property investors with Samuel Leeds so, do join the Facebook group and hit the bell icon for my YouTube channel

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