Buy-To-Let Properties for First Time Buyers

This Monday offers a quick and simple guide for brand new buy-to-let buyers.

Samuel walks through the simple steps on how to purchase your first buy-to-let. What are the most important tips and how to achieve them.

Firstly the most important part is to find a property that you would like to purchase this can be done by easily searching using popular property sites such as Right Move, Zoopla or even gumtree depending on your preference.

When negotiating for the property let the seller come forth with what kinda of offer they are willing to accept. If they don’t give any indication of what they are looking for offer them a low ball price make the offer embarrassingly low.

After the negotiation stage and you have an offer that is ready to be accepted you will need to begin collating important documents that the estate agent will need before they can move forward with your offer.

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of Deposit
  • The ability that you can finance the property
  • Solicitor

These documents will be important for the basis of your offer and needed for closing the deal. During the process remain patient as it can take a while for any deal to be concluded.

If you are responsible for sending paperwork back or making sure things need to be signed do it promptly. If you feel the need to call them to do it every few weeks but don’t harass them.  These steps should put you in good stead to close on your first buy-to-let property.

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